Nov 19

Concealed Carry: You’re doing it wrong.

My brother is a college student who lives several states away from me. He sent me a photo via text last night which is worth sharing.   I will do my best to relay the sequence of events as they were described to me, as you can imagine I had quite a few questions for him after he sent me the pic.

Being the hungry college student that he always is, he decided to go out for a sub sandwich with some friends. He walked into the sandwich shop and noticed it was almost completely empty with the exception of one female worker behind the counter and a male worker who was sitting off to the side while eating (presumably on a break). Immediately after my brother’s hungry group of college buddies walked in another group came in behind them. The male worker then got up from his meal and went to assist his co-worker behind the counter, at which point my brother noticed this.


That’s right, it’s a gun just sitting there on a chair out in the open. My brother sent me this picture with the following text: “check this out dude, this guy just left his gun on the seat, I could have walked right over there and taken it.” I was a bit skeptical at first, after all who could possibly be that irresponsible? I thought maybe it could be an airsoft pistol or some other sort of plastic toy, it simply defies logic that anyone would simply walk away and leave a loaded gun unattended like that. My brother confirmed that the guy came back to his seat and looked around before putting his hat on top of the gun to cover it up, whoops.

Unfortunately the picture is not that clear but I’m sure it’s the best my brother could do while trying to be discreet. If I had been there I surely would have said something, I’m sure any responsible gun owner would have. Who knows, maybe ABC was shooting an episode of What Would You Do. In any event it was a strange situation which proves that there are people out there with guns (assuming this was a real one) who could really use some training and mentoring.  I’m just glad some kid didn’t run up and grab the thing thinking it was a toy.


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  1. Naw… I can’t believe this. Hmm… Seems like that person needs some gun safety training, eh? I mean, how stupid can one be?

    Imagine something far worse: a criminal-type comes in, sees the gun, and figures that if people working there are that stupid, they not only take the gun, but use it to rob the shop.

    Should really be a fireable offense, IMO. The guy is lucky his bosses weren’t looking, eh PJ?

      • PJ on November 27, 2012 at 3:15 PM
      • Reply

      I completely agree, I almost found it hard to believe. It really does boggle the mind how some people treat weapons.

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