Jan 16

The Benefit of Army Surplus Gear

By RV Ops

The use of good quality gear and clothing is important to anyone involved in prepping as well as the outdoors life in general, and unreliable gear may well be worse than useless-a multitool that breaks, for example, or a an inadequately sealed water container may well result in fatal consequences if the situation an individual finds themselves in is a dire one.

With this in mind, developing a well-stocked kit is important for outdoors living and for living off the land. Most of it is self-explanatory, that most survivalists and hikers, backpackers and others should know already.  For example, medical supplies including assorted bandages, gauze, clean latex gloves, antibacterial measures and so on. Additionally, adequate amounts of healthy food (cold-pressed protein bars, nutrient-rich packaged meals, etc) plus water, sturdy hiking boots and so on are bread and butter.

Clothing for the purposes of wilderness and survival situations should be up to the demands placed on it-whilst external layers and waterproofs can provide protection from the elements, durability and the ability to protect you against other dangers is important as well.

Army surplus clothing can be a useful addition to any survivalist’s wardrobe. Why? Well, there’s a few reasons why it can be useful. There’s often plenty of it available; wholesale army surplus clothing and surplus accessories, vehicles and so on are a growing part of the market particularly with the current conflicts in the middle east and surplus gear often being auctioned to meet shrinking national budgets in Europe in particular (the EU has even set up an online marketplace for governments to buy and sell on a large scale)

Army surplus clothing can be useful to a survivalist:

-Gear and clothing surplus to the armed forces tends to be of a high standard, owing to the demands and strains that may be placed upon it in the course of operational service-as a result, the spec for their production is high and they are carefully tested during the production process.

-Jackets and garments for the lower body often have numerous pockets on them for the efficient stowing of large numbers of items, and are useful for load distribution purposes and keeping important gear close to hand.

-As well as being stitched to a high standard, the materials used in army clothing are particularly tough and resistant to abrasions, scrapes and other physical challenges- making them ideal for harsh environments.

-The camoflauge aspect is important too; although the typical patterns used in army clothing don’t necessarily suit every environment the majority of the time (most often in woodland) they can be helpful when hunting or when moving with a degree of stealth is a requirement.

As well as the above, clothing from the military is usually cheap-often far better value than most larger brands.

RVOps is one of the premiere Army and Military Surplus Clothing stores in the United Kingdom.  It’s not just military surplus clothing that you’ll find in an army surplus shop; there is loads of great army surplus equipment available too, like bags, torches and first aid kits.  Check out their website today.



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