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Aug 26

The Danger of Too Much Preparedness

I know a guy who entered into the prep world maybe 6 years ago, and boy did he ever. He absorbed every bit of information from all of the alt news websites and prep blogs, ran up his credit cards over the course of a year buying up stacks of supplies and guns and knew …

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Aug 09

WHOOPS: CCW License Expired

I’ve been sans pistola for the last week, much to my own chagrin but hey I only have myself to blame.  For some reason I thought that my CCW license renewal coincided with my birthday this year but then last week I happened to pull it out: it expired in the last week of July! …

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May 09

When Prepping opinions collide, who is right?

By The Maj Recently, on a four day float trip with some like minded friends, the discussion around the camp fire turned to “the perfect bugout bag”.  As a little background here, I have a group of friends that prep and normally twice per year, we take a trip with nothing but our bugout bags …

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Apr 26

Considering the VZ 58 as a Survival Gun

By Georges Z. Fahmy – Senshido International We all heard the screeching noises from the ever-ending debate between AR and AK aficionados: the former yelling about the AK being uncomfortable to shoot, inaccurate, and “So Un-American” and the AK lovers telling their AR counterparts that Eugene Stoner’s baby is an unreliable piece of Tactical Gucci, …

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Mar 08

Ammunition and Magazine recommendations

Lots of hype concerning ammunition and magazines these days.  With some lawmakers pushing to restrict online ammo sales and magazine capacity (in some states this has already happened) the market and consumers have both reacted.  Supplies are slim, with “in stock” notification emails going out and quantities being snatched up in mere minutes.  Prices are …

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Feb 20

The Importance of the Press Check

Regardless of whether or not there is a magazine in your weapon, is it loaded or unloaded?  Is there a round in the chamber and are you 100% sure about that?  Both valid questions when it comes to handling any weapon because we should always be aware of the status of our weapon. Those who …

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Dec 29

Rifle vs Pistol training, what’s your ratio?

An old saying on the golf course goes like this: “drive for show, putt for dough.” Being able punch a golf ball 300 yards down the fairway while swinging a $500 carbon fiber driver with the head the size of a toaster on it does take skill (or luck), but the beer money is won …

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Nov 10

The Ruger Mini-14, a great alternative to the AR-15.

I’ve written extensively about my love for the AR-15 platform.  How I believe it to be one of the best choices for a SHTF gun, based on a myriad of factors.  Still there are other time tested, proven (and cheaper) platforms out there that can hold their own, the Ruger Mini-14 being one of them. …

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Oct 10

AR15: One of your best options when the SHTF

AR15 on Prepper-Resources.com

The AR15 (or M4) is one of the most prolific weapons on the planet, second only to the venerable AK47 in recognition. A good rifle is worth its weight in gold in most circumstances, but for SHTF it should also be recognized that it will be important to own a rifle that is a proven …

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Oct 01

How to buy a gun, and what to do after.

I spent time out at the range this weekend and trolling around in a few gun stores, picking over products I probably already have and don’t need or want and still don’t need.  There were lots of other people out there as well and through general observation I noticed just how many were completely unfamiliar …

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