Aug 25

Personal Defense: Ka-Bar TDI Knife Demo

Check out this demo video about the Ka-Bar TDI knives, a good backup option if your main weapon (and strong hand) are disabled.  The timed demos are pretty cool to watch, i.e. the slowest person with a TDI knife is faster than the fastest person with a folding knife.

After exchanging some messages with resident expert “The Maj”, I decided to pick up one of these knives and should receive it in a couple days.  For around $50 with shipping, it’s not a bad deal.  Just another tool in the tool kit which can be worn every day in conjunction with spare mags on the offhand side.

Ka Bar TDI LEO Knife for EDC

Ka Bar TDI LEO Knife for EDC

Info on the knife can be found here.

I bought mine off of Amazon here.

I will report back after I’ve worn it daily for a few months.

***Update 8/28/15***

I received the knife yesterday and it looks great, clips on easily enough and I barely feel it wearing on the weak-hand side just behind spare mag pouches.  Will add this to my EDC and see how it goes!

Ka Bar TDI LEO Knife

Ka Bar TDI LEO Knife

Ka Bar TDI LEO Knife and Sheath

Ka Bar TDI LEO Knife and Sheath

Ka Bar TDI LEO Knife and Sheath Clip

Ka Bar TDI LEO Knife and Sheath Clip



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  1. J


    I am a huge fan of this knife, personally. I have done a lot of training with edged weapons and think that this design is a very good style for an emergency backup. I have put mine through some pretty heavy use as a utility knife over several years and have not been disappointed.

    1. PJ

      Just got it in the mail (added pics) and really like it. Of course my folder will probably be my first option for any (non self defense) work that needs done but it’s nice knowing I have a backup within reach.

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