Oct 13

Gear Review – BONL Hydration Bladder

By Jay Jay

BONL Hydration Bottle on Amazon

BONL Hydration Bottle on Amazon

I bought 2 of these for my daughter and myself to use on a backpacking trip and they are great.  Most I have seen are usually 2 liters as opposed to the 3 liter size you see here.  We ended up going on a trip where there was no drinkable water (I found this out after the fact) and was very glad I opted for the 3 liter size.  Material is very durable, the top opens up for easy cleaning and drying, hose is durable and most importantly, NO nasty plastic taste with this model.

We both had different types of backpacks and this fitted into them easily, giving us both a solid 2 days’ worth of water, with common sense rationing.  It struck a good balance between having enough water and not being so much it weighed us down too much.

If anyone is looking for a water bladder, I would recommend taking a serious look at this one.  It runs about $25.00 on Amazon.


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    • Roger on October 14, 2015 at 3:51 PM
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    Personally, I’ve had bad luck with backpack water bladders, both have leaked after very little usage. I’ll stick to 1 and 2 quart military canteens because they are tough, don’t leak (except for the time I forgot to tight the cap, oops), very cost effective (cheap) and the one quart canteen cup, S/S lid, and slip-on stove take up almost no additional space and very little added weight! Any plastic taste can be gotten rid of by adding boiling water with vinegar to the canteen. I don’t think you can do that with a water bladder because it might cause it to leak at the bottom hose connection. Also, if you like having a drinking tube (I don’t), some that screw on to the top of either size military plastic canteen are available though a little pricey, about $25. Good Luck!

      • PJ on October 15, 2015 at 9:45 AM
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      Have you considered a product like this?


      I have one that has held up under some pretty harsh conditions in the field, never a puncture.

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