Apr 08

Freeze Dried vs Dehydrated Storage Food (Infographic)

Chett from FoodInsurance.com sent over this awesome Infographic which I wanted to share. ┬áPost comments or questions as necessary and I’ll see if he can answer them.


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  1. The Maj

    I like the side by side comparison. Question for the board though. Do most people mix and match or stick straight with one or the other? The shelf life is definitely a selling point on the freeze dried but it seems that portability favors dehydrated.

  2. PJ

    I would say my ratio is 70/30 for Freeze Dried vs Dehydrated. If one needed to BO quickly it would be much easier to grab a couple food buckets versus loads of #10 cans. As with anything, diversity is key.

  3. Gloria

    Very useful comparison! The infographics are so cool, they make the information much easier for reading and understanding! Thanks for comparing the both methods!

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