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CCW: When Your Wife Carries

If I could summarize this article in once sentence it would be this: what works for me doesn’t necessarily work for her, and although I considered that going in the actual application of this premise was eye opening.

The Background

My wife has had her CCW for quite a few years with her primary weapon system being a Glock 26.  She has trained quite a bit with this platform and knows it well enough to be “dangerous”, in that she can load/unload and correct simple malfunctions (and shoot it rather well by the way).  For the longest time her primary carry method has been purse carry, which I despise, but given her job and a multitude of other factors I suppose it’s better than nothing.  Additionally if you have a wife who likes to dress fashionably (read: tight fitting clothes) a gun might as well be a toaster in that there is no concealing it.

Small Victories

Recently my wife has been accompanying me to various contract jobs which require her to be by herself, often in other locations which are a few minutes from my location.  This has led her to have the desire to carry her gun on her person instead of in her purse for quicker access of course.  This meant that she would have to alter her wardrobe a bit to conceal the gun and that we would have to find her an acceptable holster which she liked.

The clothing wasn’t a big deal as we often go hiking together so she had no shortage of prepper-ish type pants, hiking shoes and loose fitting tops.  That combined with the temps dropping meant she could wear a light zip up sweater or hoodie which adds to the concealment factor even more.  The holster was another ordeal altogether and I quickly found out what I preferred did not work for her.

Preferred Carry Position

Personally I like IWB at 4 o’clock or OWB at 3 o’clock, although I have tried appendix carry and while I’m not opposed I’m just not a huge fan.  I like hybrid and kydex holsters with my primary being a Crossbreed.  My wife on the other hand….not even close!  She tried OWB and hated it.  Hybrid was too big.  Finally she settled on the Galco Stow N GO IWB holster as it was the most comfortable at the 2 o’clock position.  The 3 o’clock or 4 o’clock looked ridiculous on her (especially OWB) and even with IWB if she leaned over to grab something the gun would print horribly.  At the 2 o’clock position the gun was comfortable and very concealed, much more than I would have originally thought.

Body Types and Preferences

I think it’s important to remember that we all have different body types and preferences with respect to how we carry, women in particular.  I like traditional methods of carrying a gun while my wife simply hated them, and she shunned the higher dollar “cool guy” holsters in favor of a cheaper more comfortable (for her) holster.  One size definitely does not fit all when it comes to CCW.

The Surprise

If there is one complaint that my wife has about the 26, it is that the gun is a tad bit wide.  She doesn’t know it but the G43 (single stack 9mm) is on the list for a Christmas gift, hopefully she’ll like it and if not I suppose it would make a nice backup gun for me.  🙂


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    • rhc on September 14, 2015 at 12:11 AM
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    I got my wife hooked when I took her to the range after we married. Being a cop, I was known to leave something laying around and I wanted her to be comfortable handling the weapon. I made the mistake and took most of my handguns out and told her that she could have, if she was comfortable any of the weapons for her own. Big mistake-she really like the 45. When I told her no, she complained. I informed her of the ammo crisis and she switched to my old PD retired weapon, a Smith 4053. She got her license and learned that it was not comfortable on any type of carry so we got her a Glock 27. My dept issued the G22. That worked for awhile but she wasn’t carrying much. She took me to a local gun show, me not knowing that she was looking for something more to her liking. She came home with a Smith Bodyguard 380, she still carries the 27 if she/I think we might have a problem. but her method of carry is a nylon IWB or shoulder. I don’t care cause I know she has my back. Seen her shoot, somedays it is far better than me. Point being-I let her decide what she felt most comfortable with and she is more confident.

      • PJ on September 14, 2015 at 8:33 AM
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      Great point on letting her decide. I bought an SP101 for the wife originally…way too big. She switched to an Airweight 442 and although smaller/lighter she hated shooting it on the range. We then transitioned her to an Ruger LCP and that was even worse, I even hate to shoot that thing. She loved firing my G19 however and was a pretty great shot with it (much like your wife) so the next obvious course of action was a 26. It’s great knowing you have a partner who has your back isn’t it? I think about that sometimes when we are out together.

    • rhc on September 15, 2015 at 12:11 AM
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    I had decades of LE experience while she had hx of being an RN and running an ER. We got tired of the public ranges and the idiots so we bought land and built our own range. She has been taught that if it hits the fan, I will confront the threat while she covers my back. Sure makes holidays, birthdays,etc easier for me. We were at the point if I bought a gun she got one to.

    • SittingElf on January 10, 2016 at 8:35 AM
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    Same situation here. My wife (Active Air Force LTC) had a Glock 26 and felt it was too wide. I bought her a G43 and she loves it!

    The additional benefit is that the G26 is now MY primary EDC weapon and chambered with Federal 9mm HST +P rounds. My Browning Pro-40 has a new home in the center console of my Armada, where it lives well as a powerful backup, and legally stored there loaded under Florida laws.

    Good on ya for the 43 as a present for the spouse!


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