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Aug 19

Deez Nuts for President? Hilarious

I found this video, and a subsequent article from Zerohedge both hilarious and spot on. From Zerohedge: The endemic corruption, crony capitalism, rampant regulatory capture, and licentious logrolling that many voters have come to associate with the American political process has created a deep-seated desire for change and if there are two names which most …

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Aug 07

5 Things I Am Doing To Prepare for the IMMINENT Collapse in Sep/Oct 2015

I got you, maybe I used that headline to reel you in.  Truth is…I’m not doing anything at all to prepare for what some are certain will be an economic collapse within the next few months.  Yet if you take the time to browse the usual suspects of alt media / blogs dedicated to preparedness …

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Jul 07

Sheeple: “My instinct was to stay put and try to become as small as possible”

Imagine this, you are on a moving Metro Train and some crazed maniac starts stabbing someone in the middle of the car.  While this person is being stabbed to death, you and other passengers cower in fear on either side of the train simply hoping to shrink into a small enough space not to be …

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Jun 25

Sheeple Question and Answer

Here’s how this goes. I’m not quite free from the system but am working toward it every single day. Soon…very soon. Person 1: “I hate my job.  I sit in traffic every day, commuting to a cubicle which might as well be a prison cell.” Person 2: “Why do you do that?” Person 1: “I …

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Jun 23

The Economic Collapse of 2010, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16…

Here we go again, rumors of the “big one” floating around the interwebs on various sites.  Analysis by experts and computer models point to some event this fall and if not then, surely by the beginning of next year.  This time it’s for real, no really.  I mean forget about all of those other times …

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Jun 03

Rest in Peace Girl, Thank You So Much.

One month ago I wrote this post as our oldest dog and long time member of the family was nearing the end of her time with us.  Being the feisty dog that she is, she held on for much longer than I thought she would…passing away just a couple hours ago in our bed next …

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May 26

Nightmare: Shots Fired Into Your Vehicle At 70 MPH

Picture this, you are cruising along after a long day at work while jamming out to some tunes when your back and side window explodes, glass shatters into your vehicle and complete chaos erupts.  If it sounds like something out of a war zone (ambush) it’s not, as a matter of fact it just happened …

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Apr 30

My Dog Is Dying: A Reality I Can Barely Stomach.

I consider myself a well traveled person.  I’ve been to the other side of the earth, I’ve been exposed to things that would make most people cringe and took it in stride because I was supposed to.  I’ve done things and seen things and been stoic about it, yadda yadda….blah blah blah.  Whatever.  Yet my …

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Apr 20

Prepper + Vacation = Wise?

Think about what it’s like to feel completely exposed and vulnerable and then try to combine that with the concept of trying to get some must needed rest and relaxation with the family.  You might think that sounds crazy, to me it sounds more like taking a vacation. I should probably define the type of …

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Mar 07

It’s Hard to be a DEDICATED Prepper These Days!

I’ll be the first to admit that prepping hasn’t been at the top of my list in the last few weeks.  Winter is losing it’s grip on us and I’ve been planning for Spring and Summer of 2015, and my plans don’t involve anything remotely related to prepping.  Family vacations, motorcycle trips, projects around the …

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Mar 06

People are Crazy

Figured I’ve had this blog long enough I can post whatever I want.  Friday’s random video: People are crazy.  If you don’t like it, go put your head into a pile of drywall for all I care.  Enjoy the weekend! God is great, Beer is good, People are crazy.   Print PDF

Feb 18

Hilarious Post (M855 Green Tip)

If you’ve been paying attention you’ll already know about the potential ban by the BATFE on M855 “Green Tip” Ammo.  I wrote about this a few days ago and have since been searching to take a gander at some of the price gouging attempts.  Today’s nationwide search revealed this gem of a post which …

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Jan 28

Theory is one thing, REALITY is another…

Many moons ago on my first deployment overseas I saw a grown man curl up in ball and cry.  This was something I had not anticipated, he seemed like a strong and knowledgeable combat arms non-commissioned officer and leader of men.  It only took 2 months in the spring of 2003 in Iraq to break …

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Jan 26

Life Is Good: Make Like A Squirrel

Life is good right now if you live in America, relatively speaking and according to most mainstream media outlets.  The DOW keeps punching through all time highs, gas prices are low, jobs are being added while unemployment is dropping.  Inflation is low and optimism is high, credit is once again plentiful and you too can …

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Dec 31

2015: More Of The Same.

I’d like to be able to sit here and make 50 predictions, some bold and some bland with the hopes that a certain percentage actually occur.  After all doesn’t a blind squirrel find a nut every now and then?  It would be especially helpful if some of the predictions centered around high risk events which …

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