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Apr 24

Stand and Fight or Live to Fight Another Day?

Soldiers are given tactical tasks and directed to carry them out, often realizing that casualties will be a result of whatever that task might be.  KIA’s and WIA’s are unfortunate but the price of admission when describing warfare.  In order to seize or hold the objective the truth is that some live, some get wounded …

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Mar 08

Women Doubting Men, As Usual

Today my wife, dog and I decided to hit the trails for some time in the sun.  The temps were around 50 degrees so it felt like a heatwave, why not get out and enjoy nature instead of heading to the mall or some other ridiculous venue.  This nature preserve is a nice one although …

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Feb 27

We Now Have A FORUM!

Check it out, I’ve decided to install a simple forum on this blog so that we can interact more as a “community” going forward.  Of course there will still be regular articles posted and updated online but this gives everyone an outlet to voice questions/opinions/concerns without having to specifically comment on an article. You can …

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Jan 29

This will be the shortest post on my blog

Situation: Winter storm slams south Fallout:  People who aren’t ready spend up to 18 hours in their car(s) Lesson:  Have food, water, spare clothes, other misc supplies in your car at all times Tragedy:  Most people still won’t learn their lesson Bottom Line:  We crazy preppers told you so. Link to story:  Click here Print …

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Jan 10

5 Things I Say When Prepping Is Mentioned

Maybe you are at work, hanging out at your local watering hole, at the range with some buddies or simply shooting the breeze with your neighbor while outside in the yard.  For whatever reason the subject of prepping comes up and it’s almost always brought up by the other party (I hope).  After all prepping …

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Jan 01

10 Events Which Will NOT Occur In 2014

If you are like me you’ll quickly scan past this first paragraph and go right to the list, and if you see something you don’t like you’ll start jamming text into the comment section with much gusto.  Here’s the thing, in no way am I insinuating that any of the items below are NOT possible, in …

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Dec 26

Some Christmas Perspective

First of all:  Merry CHRISTmas (and Happy New Year) to everyone out there in the blogosphere!  I truly wish you and your families the best and hope that you embrace this time to reflect on how blessed all of us are.  I wanted to share a quick note with all of you which really helped …

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Dec 21

What’s on your Prepper Christmas list?

Last night my wife and I went to a Christmas lights show.  It was more like a Christmas village with little houses and shops complete with a full Nativity scene and live animals.  It was nice to hear them incorporating traditional Christmas songs (read: religious) into the mix, at least some places in the country …

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Dec 18

Prepping Because of Predictions?

Predictions are a tough business to get into, just ask the Mayans or anyone who predicted a civil war or stock market crash in 2013.  I too have had my fair share of predictions that failed to materialize.  I thought for certain that nationwide magazine restrictions and bans on online ammunition purchases would be in …

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Dec 07

Mentality: Unarmed but NOT Helpless

This past week I had to travel to Chicago for work which meant 4 days of powerpoint slides, note taking, breaks every 90 minutes and other mandatory fun.  To put it succinctly: I gotta pay the bills and it is what it is.  As all of you are aware Chicago has some of the most …

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Dec 02

We Do Not Live In A Civilized Society

When pondering what the title should be for this post I couldn’t help but think back to all of the gun control hysteria which was going on about a year ago.  During that time many who were pushing for more laws often touted the fantasy that we now live in a civilized society and as …

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Nov 21

APB: Guest Posts

Ladies and germs, I’ve been slammed at work these last few weeks.  I have lots of draft articles half written on my dashboard and a few product reviews to churn out.  All in due time I suppose. In the meantime I’d welcome some input from the community, any guest contributions you could provide would be …

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Nov 15

Everyone’s A Tough Guy

There is a difference between confidence and overt cockiness, one is an asset and the other will get you killed.  I felt the need to write about this topic after reading various comments on multiple blogs reference the portrayal of Tyler Smith and his overweight band of merry marauders which aired recently on DDP.  Supposedly …

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Nov 11

Veteran’s Day Tribute: My Grandfather

Veteran’s Day is nothing more than a day off from work for some, maybe a chance to to shake someone’s hand and say “thank you for your service” to others.  As I sit here on Veteran’s Day thinking about all of the sacrifices made over the generations by men and women serving in harm’s way …

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Nov 06

The Preparedness Review (Free DL)

Todd over at has released the fall version of The Preparedness Review, which is free for download.  TPR contains 16 articles by well known preparedness authors and one emergency binder template.  From survival antibiotics to articles on how to make yeast, TPR is a great compilation worth going over (see below for complete list …

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