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Aug 29

Two Years Later, Still Chugging Along

Labor Day weekend in 2012, I spent most of it getting this blog ready to go live.  I wrote up all of the New Prepper Info articles and screwed around with blog design and functionality.  Who would have thought that 2 years and several hundred articles later this thing would still be going strong and …

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Aug 27

I Thought I Had A Tail Today, This Is What I Did…

I drive quite a bit for my job, it doesn’t bother me much as I listen to audio books or jam out to “best of the 80′s” sound tracks on sat radio.  I also like the time alone and the fact that I usually get to pick and choose when and where I want to …

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Aug 21

A chat with a *REAL* Prepper

Recently my friend made the 4 hour trek to come hang out with me for the weekend.  We expended quite a bit a ammunition, talked about preps, 3-5 year plans and tipped back a few adult beverages.  I found ironic that when the topic of current events came up, he was rather clueless.  I brought …

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Aug 19

My Insurance Company Knows How Many Guns I Own.

I know what some of you may be worried about so here’s my take on it.  If the Feds want to roll me up and show up at my doorstep with an inventory taken from my insurance company’s database, I suppose the world will be facing much larger issues at that point.  As a matter …

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Aug 09

Took the Missus to the Woods, This is What Happened

Ah yes, the fantasy is alive and strong.  SHTF occurs and we all grab our packs and head for the hills, this assuming our plan to hunker down is absolutely compromised and no other option is left. We’ll live like pioneers and carve out a life for ourselves while dodging the golden horde and various …

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Aug 01

Mannerisms: Some Things I Do

Mannerisms…might not be the scientific term, some refer to it as non verbal cues and others put it more plainly: how you carry yourself.  Whatever you call it, how you interact with those in the general populace can have a direct impact on your success or failure in negotiations.  After all almost EVERYTHING is a …

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Jul 13

Thoughts on “Taking People’s Stuff”

Stealing.  It’s bad right?  Of course it is and under normal circumstances the line is very black and white, it’s pretty easy to distinguish right from wrong and adhere to the rules.  But what if an extended SHTF has plunged society into a state of utter chaos / WROL, where simply being able to survive …

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Jun 19

Our Dependency on Modern Conveniences Exposed…AGAIN

Last summer I wrote about our own little personal experience with SHTF, that being the AC unit going out during a string of 90+ degree days.  Talk about misery, sure it was uncomfortable but the familiy had it worse and the home (not built for air flow) started to stink and feel incredibly musty.  Well …

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Jun 16

Beware the Military Mindset

Lots of military inspired prepper blogs out there, this is one to be sure.  While some are great others can lean too far towards the military mindset, trying to link up all training with the art of survival / prepping.  While military experience is a serious feather in the cap the perfect prepper it does …

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Jun 15

Why Are You Prepping?

To be sure we live in very uncertain times, it feels as if the house of cards could come tumbling down at any moment given the right sequence of events.  Yet to be realistic, especially when considering the last few years, I’d say SHTF isn’t exactly around the next bend.  Possible…yes.  Likely…not quite yet.  That …

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Jun 11

I have a new Email address

To those who might care…my email address has changed.   Imagine getting 50 to 100 SPAM emails per day and having to delete/sort through them besides the regular email.  My server email just couldn’t cut it.  If you would like to send me an email please do so to… p j p r e p …

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Jun 10

Some Police “need” MRAPs to protect against Vets returning from combat?

I had to post about this after reading it as I know we have plenty of vets on here.  If you’ll note I made sure to put SOME in the title, I’m sure not all departments feel this way… “Pentagon data suggest how the police are arming themselves for such worst-case scenarios. Since 2006, the …

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May 24

What Happens When You Don’t Stay Informed?

There have been times in my life when I was a news junkie, practically scanning the internet/television/radio daily for hours to spot signs of impending SHTF.  What’s the stock market doing?  Where has the gubmint oppressed the citizens and is martial law around the corner?  Cyberattack probability escalating?  Someone worth listening to says collapse will …

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May 11

Complacency: Mother’s Day Faux Pas

This post has nothing to do with prepping, well maybe a little bit if you factor insight and perception into the grand scheme of things there is a lesson to be learned.  If you’ve been following my blog for the almost 2 years it has been online I’m sure you have gotten to know me, …

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May 03

Teenager + Flat Tire = Life Lessons


Last weekend I was in the back yard pushing the mower and my daughter stepped out onto the patio to wave, she had spent the night with some girlfriends and was just getting home.  I signalled to her that I’d be done in a couple minutes and she waited, looking sort of nervous in a …

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