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Jul 13

Thoughts on “Taking People’s Stuff”

Stealing.  It’s bad right?  Of course it is and under normal circumstances the line is very black and white, it’s pretty easy to distinguish right from wrong and adhere to the rules.  But what if an extended SHTF has plunged society into a state of utter chaos / WROL, where simply being able to survive …

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Jun 19

Our Dependency on Modern Conveniences Exposed…AGAIN

Last summer I wrote about our own little personal experience with SHTF, that being the AC unit going out during a string of 90+ degree days.  Talk about misery, sure it was uncomfortable but the familiy had it worse and the home (not built for air flow) started to stink and feel incredibly musty.  Well …

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Jun 16

Beware the Military Mindset

Lots of military inspired prepper blogs out there, this is one to be sure.  While some are great others can lean too far towards the military mindset, trying to link up all training with the art of survival / prepping.  While military experience is a serious feather in the cap the perfect prepper it does …

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Jun 15

Why Are You Prepping?

To be sure we live in very uncertain times, it feels as if the house of cards could come tumbling down at any moment given the right sequence of events.  Yet to be realistic, especially when considering the last few years, I’d say SHTF isn’t exactly around the next bend.  Possible…yes.  Likely…not quite yet.  That …

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Jun 11

I have a new Email address

To those who might care…my email address has changed.   Imagine getting 50 to 100 SPAM emails per day and having to delete/sort through them besides the regular email.  My server email just couldn’t cut it.  If you would like to send me an email please do so to… p j p r e p …

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Jun 10

Some Police “need” MRAPs to protect against Vets returning from combat?

I had to post about this after reading it as I know we have plenty of vets on here.  If you’ll note I made sure to put SOME in the title, I’m sure not all departments feel this way… “Pentagon data suggest how the police are arming themselves for such worst-case scenarios. Since 2006, the …

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May 24

What Happens When You Don’t Stay Informed?

There have been times in my life when I was a news junkie, practically scanning the internet/television/radio daily for hours to spot signs of impending SHTF.  What’s the stock market doing?  Where has the gubmint oppressed the citizens and is martial law around the corner?  Cyberattack probability escalating?  Someone worth listening to says collapse will …

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May 11

Complacency: Mother’s Day Faux Pas

This post has nothing to do with prepping, well maybe a little bit if you factor insight and perception into the grand scheme of things there is a lesson to be learned.  If you’ve been following my blog for the almost 2 years it has been online I’m sure you have gotten to know me, …

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May 03

Teenager + Flat Tire = Life Lessons


Last weekend I was in the back yard pushing the mower and my daughter stepped out onto the patio to wave, she had spent the night with some girlfriends and was just getting home.  I signalled to her that I’d be done in a couple minutes and she waited, looking sort of nervous in a …

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Apr 24

Stand and Fight or Live to Fight Another Day?

Soldiers are given tactical tasks and directed to carry them out, often realizing that casualties will be a result of whatever that task might be.  KIA’s and WIA’s are unfortunate but the price of admission when describing warfare.  In order to seize or hold the objective the truth is that some live, some get wounded …

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Mar 08

Women Doubting Men, As Usual

Today my wife, dog and I decided to hit the trails for some time in the sun.  The temps were around 50 degrees so it felt like a heatwave, why not get out and enjoy nature instead of heading to the mall or some other ridiculous venue.  This nature preserve is a nice one although …

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Feb 27

We Now Have A FORUM!

Check it out, I’ve decided to install a simple forum on this blog so that we can interact more as a “community” going forward.  Of course there will still be regular articles posted and updated online but this gives everyone an outlet to voice questions/opinions/concerns without having to specifically comment on an article. You can …

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Jan 29

This will be the shortest post on my blog

Situation: Winter storm slams south Fallout:  People who aren’t ready spend up to 18 hours in their car(s) Lesson:  Have food, water, spare clothes, other misc supplies in your car at all times Tragedy:  Most people still won’t learn their lesson Bottom Line:  We crazy preppers told you so. Link to story:  Click here Print …

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Jan 10

5 Things I Say When Prepping Is Mentioned

Maybe you are at work, hanging out at your local watering hole, at the range with some buddies or simply shooting the breeze with your neighbor while outside in the yard.  For whatever reason the subject of prepping comes up and it’s almost always brought up by the other party (I hope).  After all prepping …

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Jan 01

10 Events Which Will NOT Occur In 2014

If you are like me you’ll quickly scan past this first paragraph and go right to the list, and if you see something you don’t like you’ll start jamming text into the comment section with much gusto.  Here’s the thing, in no way am I insinuating that any of the items below are NOT possible, in …

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