So you think it might be a good idea to advertise here on  Here are a few reasons why that is such a great idea.

Advertising Guidelines:

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  • Payments are accepted via
  • You will be asked to supply your own banners.
  • Animated banners are tolerated, but please keep them reasonable (subject to approval).
  • Please keep the size of your image file(s) low.
  • I reserve the right to reject ads I deem to be unacceptable for my blog.
  • Prices may change at any time, but should that occur there will be prior notification to all parties.

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  1. vic medore

    I have a hone in north west NJ near the Appalachian trail . this prepper type home is solid brick 4 bedroom gentlemen farmette where I raise 80 percent of our food turn key 50 fruit trees gardens very clean and neat , new barn new roof , solar, duel heat , artisan well crossed fenced and very private on 9 acres asking 590.00 farm land assessed as well .
    i wish i could pick it all up and move it as my kids are in Hawaii now and its only my wife and me . So we are thinking the other coast now .
    Can you suggest how i might sell this ? I know NJ is not the best place but it is better then NYC and LI my thought it some can not move away family or work but may want this life as well here just in case .

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