Dec 21

What’s on your Prepper Christmas list?

Last night my wife and I went to a Christmas lights show.  It was more like a Christmas village with little houses and shops complete with a full Nativity scene and live animals.  It was nice to hear them incorporating traditional Christmas songs (read: religious) into the mix, at least some places in the country haven’t fallen victim to political correctness.  I enjoyed spending time in an environment where everyone seemed to be having a good time, especially the little kids who got to sit on Santa’s lap.  I pondered taking a turn and asking him for a Barrett M107A but that would have probably been a stretch.

As we strolled through the little town I thought about all of the Christmas shopping I had yet to accomplish.  As a matter of fact here it is on Saturday, December 21 and I have yet to buy a single gift for anyone on my list.  It’s not that I procrastinate but rather I enjoy the pleasure of going out to one strip mall with a decent mix of stores and getting it all done in less than 2 hours.  Who said Christmas shopping was hard?

I do admit that it is MUCH better to give than receive but I still like to unwrap some presents on Christmas morning.  Maybe it’s the little kid in me who never got that remote control car or dirt bike while growing up.  Anyways what follows is the list which I passed along to my wife and daughter, if this stuff isn’t under the tree in a few days someone is going to PAY!  Just kidding…:)

Cold Steel Code 4 Knife (non serrated)

Streamlight TLR-1s  (I already have one but “need” one more)

Vasque Scree 2.0 Mid UltraDry Hiking Boots 

AR/M4 Modular Mag Carrier

That’s pretty much it, what’s on your list?




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  1. The Maj

    My list is long and a bit unrealistic. As my wife would say “you buy everything that anyone could afford to buy you when you want it”. I do manage to give her somewhat of a list:

    – .223 barrel for my Thompson Encore ProHunter

    – spare magazines for Beretta Nano and M1A

    – 25 round magazines for Ruger 10/22

    – Otis Tactical Cleaning System

    – Tan wool sweater

    – wool hiking socks

    – ammo of any type .22LR, .223, .308, 9mm

    1. PJ

      Otis cleaning system? I would assume you had at least 20 of those laying around as spares! As far as wool hiking socks I’ve had great success buying those at Costco (Kirkland). My whole family wears them throughout the winter.

  2. The Maj

    Still pretty old school on my cleaning supplies. I own several Otis systems but do not own the tactical system. Obviously it is for my BOB. Wool socks are hard to find down here because few people wear them but I wear them out pretty quickly.

  3. PJ

    Just an update: I got everything I asked for! Now I need more…..a knife sharpener, tactical flashlight etc. The list never ends :)

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