Nov 11

UVPaqlite: No batteries, No bulbs, No Electricity

I freely admit that I am a flashlight lover, one could even say that I have a flashlight fetish.  I love big flashlights, small flashlights, micro flashlights, headlamps, traditional/LED flashlights etc.  I’m the guy who sees those cheap $1 flashlights at the convenience store checkout counter and can’t pass up the opportunity.  There is one thing that all of the aforementioned lights have in common: they need batteries and use some sort of bulb technology in order to create light.  Recognizing this as a possible point of failure I also have plenty of chem lights and candles but even those items have a product lifespan.

Enter the UVPaqlite, a light source that requires no batteries, no bulbs to burn out and recharges via any any light in the visible spectrum: sunlight, ultraviolet, LEDS, fluorescents, incandescent, halogens, etc.  When I started reading about the product I knew I had to have one, fortunately the good folks over a were willing to send me a few samples to test out.

UVPaqlite, Glostik and LED Light

UVPaqlite, UVGlostik and LED Light

I mean just think of the benefit of owning a light source which will last for decades, while never using a single battery!  Sure you won’t be conducting search and rescue ops with these lights or mounting them to a weapon but for general use they work just great.  Power goes out in the house?  Not a problem, charge the UVPaqlite with a quick hit from a normal LED flashlight and hang it or the UVGlostik up in the bedroom as a night light.  Same thing goes for tent operations while camping.  Save the batteries for another time and use the UVPaqlite instead.

To give you an idea of how bright these lights are, here is a shot I took in the dark after holding the supplied LED light up to the UVPaqlite and UVGlostik for about 30 seconds.

UVPaqlite and UVGlostik

UVPaqlite and UVGlostik

For more information on how the UVPaqlite works, what the crystals are made from and how long they glow visit this FAQ page.  For more info on the products they offer visit their website.  At $20, the UV Scout Pack would definitely make a cool stocking stuffer for any prepper!  I’ll definitely be putting the kit I received in my BO bag and recommend that you think about picking one up so that you can do the same.


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    • Muleskinner on November 12, 2013 at 4:46 PM
    • Reply

    Outstanding! Yes this is a light source that needs to be available for any emergency.

      • PJ on November 13, 2013 at 5:58 AM
      • Reply

      Glad you liked the post!

  1. Oh yesss. The price is right and I’m definitely buying this asap. Thanks for keeping us informed, PJ!

      • PJ on November 21, 2013 at 8:23 PM
      • Reply

      You’re welcome! You’ll really like the product, of that I’m certain.

    • The Maj on November 22, 2013 at 12:03 PM
    • Reply

    Well, I just ordered a scout pack and a go pack. This seems like an outstanding product. I can see the benefits of laying it out in the sun and not even using a flashlight to charge them for long term events.

      • PJ on November 22, 2013 at 10:28 PM
      • Reply

      I can’t believe that I didn’t know about this product before now which is why I needed to showcase it!

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