Jan 11

Top Secret Places to Hide Food Storage in Your House

By Agnes Jimenez

In dire situations where families are presented with emergencies, they must do everything they can to protect the supplies that they have prepared. Food storage is something that every family should consider because in emergency situations, the grocery store shelves aren’t going to be stocked and if you don’t have food storage, you risk going hungry.

Where are some of the places in the home that you can store the food to keep it safe and hidden?

Cold Rooms

Cold Rooms are created under the stairs and in other dark and lower parts of the home. These storage areas can be easily disguised with wall panels and access panels that don’t look as if there is anything underneath. Cold storage can house produce, pantry items and all of the other items you want to keep safe for emergency situations.

Locked Cabinets

Commonly placed in the garage, you can put locked cabinets anywhere throughout the home. They are best placed in items around the home that you aren’t going to be frequently using, and can help to protect the family supply your family has created.

Garage Storage

Most people don’t think about the garage when it comes to storing the extra food or emergency food supplies but it is a smart place that’s out of the way, stays cool and keeps the food safe from intruders. Use bins and containers and food storage that is created throughout the ceiling of the garage for non-perishable items for a discrete food storage hiding place.

Under Furniture Storage

Homeowners that are looking for a place to store emergency food should consider furniture that offers hidden storage spaces. Whether you are able to pull up the furniture and find storage place under it, or you are able to take advantage of drawers and other innovative storage solutions, storing food under the furniture can ensure that it stays under wraps until you need it.

Wall Panels

Hiding food and other emergency supplies that are going to keep the family safe behind wall panels that don’t look conspicuous and won’t be found can help to keep you safe in the case that you are going to remain in your home.

Finding innovative places to hide the food in the home and using multiple places in the home to hide the food is going to keep the family safe while you wait out an emergency at-home.

About the Guest Author

Agnes Jimenez is a professional blogger and writer. She writes for many online establishments and supports those ones that offer practical lifestyles to consumers. As a frugal living and emergency preparedness advocate, she recommends FoodInsurance.com for families who are looking for high quality food storage and emergency kit supplies. You may connect with Food Insurance in Facebook.


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