Nov 10

The Ruger Mini-14, a great alternative to the AR-15.

I’ve written extensively about my love for the AR-15 platform.  How I believe it to be one of the best choices for a SHTF gun, based on a myriad of factors.  Still there are other time tested, proven (and cheaper) platforms out there that can hold their own, the Ruger Mini-14 being one of them.  I own a Mini-14 and think it’s a great semi-auto with classic looks and functionality.  The price is right too, usually coming in several hundred dollars cheaper than the AR-15.  Instead of doing a write up I’ve chosen to post up Hickok 45’s review of the Mini 14.  I’m a big fan of his vids, I like his unpretentious attitude and how he clearly just has fun while doing the reviews.


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  1. […] waiting list might be long and the prices are only going to rise.  You might take a look at the Mini 14 as an alternative, and if you are new to buying guns I wrote a post about that as well which you might find helpful. […]

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