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Aug 20

Water Storage Tips and Techniques

I typically store my water off of the ground, whether it be in the basement or garage.  The main reason I do so (no matter the type of actual storage device) is primarly to avert the leaching process: concrete to plastic to water.  If you search the internet there is no shortage of folks who …

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Aug 03

The Importance Of STOCKPILING Water

Water is arguably the most important prep that any of us can stockpile.  Not only should we have various ways to filter water and locations identified from which to collect water, we should have quite a few gallons of potable water on hand in long term (5 year) storage containers.  That half used package of …

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Oct 16

Water Purification

Katadyn Vario Water Filter

I found this great article over on hitthetrail.com, it provides a nice overview of some of the techniques used to purify water and some of the dangers that might lurk even in the most crystal clear mountain stream.  As preppers the topic of Bugging Out is often discussed, heading to the hills to get away …

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Sep 14

Apartment Prepping Considerations

According to the National Multi-Housing Council, about 34% of the US population lives in apartments.  That’s 40,119,000 renters.  If we were to include condo owners I’m sure the stat would be at least twice as large.  The point is that there are quite a few people who are prepping who share space with other individuals. …

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Sep 06

Are you prepared to fight…boredom?

A couple years ago I was fortunate enough to take an entire month off from work, time I spent just laying around the house being lazy, grudgingly completing a few chores for my wife or doing pretty much whatever I felt like doing.  I never set my alarm during that time because I just woke up when …

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