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Sep 19

Prepping is Practical…and Kind of Boring

Let’s keep it real here.  I don’t want SHTF to happen anytime soon, I’m referring to TEOTWAWKI type SHTF.  I like the comforts that modern life provides for myself and my family.  I like having a job, recreation time, friends, freedom to do many of the things which we find enjoyable.  I don’t fantasize about …

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Aug 02


Two weeks ago a massive solar flare, one capable of causing widespread disaster and sending many of us back to the stone age, barely missed our planet.  How many of you knew about this event before today? The earth barely missed taking a massive solar punch in the teeth two weeks ago, an “electromagnetic pulse” …

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Jul 24

Realistic goals when training your family to shoot

I love to shoot and I don’t mind practicing so that I can get better.  I actually went shooting a few days ago and noticed my reloads were not as efficient as they should be.  So before going out to the range again I’ve decided to slightly adjust a few techniques, go through several hundred …

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Jul 08

5 Points to Ponder After Watching World War Z

First things first, if you haven’t seen the movie at least watch the trailer here. Without spoiling the movie for those who have yet to see it I’ll provide a brief synopsis.  Massive outbreak of an unknown disease spreads throughout the world in days, utter chaos ensues as society collapses.  Our sexy hero must find …

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Jun 25

Stadium Workouts: Unleash the Beast.

stadium workout

I hate running on a track of just about any sort, it’s simply mind numbing going in circles.  When any amount of distance over a mile is involved I’d rather be on a trail or running on a predetermined course where the scenery (and elevation) changes.  However standard running tracks which can be found at …

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Jun 20

Square Foot Gardening Updates

Square Foot Garden 1

This is the first year that my family and I are attempting to grow anything edible, I say that because I did try to plant a money tree once but it failed to yield anything of value.  As someone who claims to be preparing for the worst, and especially someone who blogs about prepping you …

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Jun 14

Cycling through your Storage Food

Storage Food 1

We preach it all the time in the prepping community, you must store what you plan on eating and actually cycle through that food in order to keep things as fresh as possible.  While not a huge deal for long term freeze dried items with a shelf life of 20-30 years, canned food items with …

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May 30

Prepping: Needs vs Wants

True need 1

By The Maj When I started prepping, I went at it like I do most things in life, which is WIDE OPEN.  During that first year, I amassed quite a stockpile of supplies and equipment with little regard to prioritization of true need.  Now, do not get me wrong, I focused on need but the …

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May 15

Maximizing Space with Multiple Use Items

By The Maj No matter if you have been prepping for years or are just getting started, one thing that you are going to realize quickly is that supplies take up a lot of space. It does not matter if you are talking about stockpiles for a bug in location or the size and weight …

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May 09

When Prepping opinions collide, who is right?

By The Maj Recently, on a four day float trip with some like minded friends, the discussion around the camp fire turned to “the perfect bugout bag”.  As a little background here, I have a group of friends that prep and normally twice per year, we take a trip with nothing but our bugout bags …

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May 08

Navigating without a Compass

By The Maj In a discussion the other day concerning the GPS, I opened my big mouth and mentioned “the proper way to do that would be…”.  An additional comment got me to thinking about how reliant we have become on modern technology and the pretty much lost or dying art of navigating using celestial …

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May 03

Survival Fishing

By The Maj Odds are you have already considered fishing as a means of providing food post SHTF.  I would bet that many of you reading this have some type of fishing equipment incorporated into your bugout bag or long term prepping stock piles.  Unless you plan to bugout or bugin in some of the …

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May 02

Has GPS made the map redundant?

GPS iPhone

By Chris at Simplyhike.co.uk The days of navigation solely via a compass and paper map are gone, having moved over for GPS devices and smartphone apps. GPS technology has grown so much in the last decade that the publication of paper maps has dwindled, and traditional map publishers are turning to digital maps.In many ways, digital maps and GPS technology have improved …

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May 01

5 Knots Worth Knowing (Videos)

I learned the importance of knots at an early age starting with my time in the cub scouts.  I don’t remember much from those years but I’ll never forget when I earned my first patch, the one with the little bear on it, boy was I ever proud.  Back then the knots were pretty simple, …

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Apr 30

Military Arms Channel: Armor Plate Tests Video

I’ve written a few reviews related to body armor and plate carriers, but I’ve never done a video which tests the product using live rounds.  It is true that there are many vids already out there on YouTube where guys blast away at armor hanging from a fence post, about a scientific as it gets. …

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