Tag: Survival skills

Aug 10

Split Operations: Separated from your home base.

Home is where the heart is and for most of us where our preparedness stash is.  Should some localized or regional disaster (or worse) take place I’d like to think we would feel better about addressing that situation surrounded by what is familiar to us (read: having loads of preps and self sustaining infrastructure in …

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Jun 03

Foraging for Edible Plants

By The Maj In the long term survival situation, our meals are going to transform drastically from what we are accustomed to today.  Typical breakfast today is eggs, meat, and bread or a simple milk and cereal, while a traditional lunch or dinner will range from a hearty salad and sandwich combo to steak, potatoes, …

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May 21

Identifying Necessary Survival Skills

By The Maj In the post SHTF world, skills can make the difference between life and death, but which skills are the “right” set of skills you should focus on? Determining “right” is personal and will be different for every person, so finding that magical list which you can reference to build your own personal …

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Dec 04

How to make fire without matches

From Trailmeister.com Carry a small amount of steel wool and a good smoke alarm (nine volt) battery and also some toilet tissue, in case you need a fire. Stick the battery ends into the steel wool. The steel wool will short circuit the battery and turn red hot, thus causing the toilet tissue (or other …

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