Tag: SHTF Vehicle

Sep 04

Your Bugout / Survival Vehicle Achilles’ Heel

I have a large truck, it’s capabilities are extensive.  I can haul people and gear with the full size cab and large bed, I can tow or even winch my way out (or others) of trouble.  The powerful V8, 6 inch lift and large tires have gotten me through all sorts of mud, deep snow …

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Aug 16

Bugout Strategy: One or Two Vehicles?

The S has hit the fan and your family executes bugout plan 101, otherwise known as get the heck out of town.  Your 4×4 is loaded down with all your supplies, the trailer is hooked up, roof rack is full, gas cans strapped down.  Your bugout vehicle is a thing of beauty and comes complete …

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Apr 12

Vehicle considerations after T-SHTF

When a major SHTF event happens, e.g. Cyberattack / EMP Strike / Economic Collapse, the likelihood of finding a sources of fuel for your vehicle(s) could be slim to none.  Maybe you are the fortunate one who has quite a bit of fuel stored on site at your location or have found a way to keep the …

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