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Aug 26

The Danger of Too Much Preparedness

I know a guy who entered into the prep world maybe 6 years ago, and boy did he ever. He absorbed every bit of information from all of the alt news websites and prep blogs, ran up his credit cards over the course of a year buying up stacks of supplies and guns and knew …

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Aug 08

4 Storage Food Mistakes You Might Be Making

This past weekend my wife and I organized our storage / preparendess area.  We did this together so that we would both know where items of note where, instead of me just taking on the task and her having to dig for something in my absence.  We have various storage items sorted by category on …

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May 11

Eating Expired Food: Best By August 2013

I called my wife on the way home from work today and as any man should, inquired about dinner prospects.  She mentioned that we had some meat set out but were out of sauce for spaghetti.  Now I should insert a disclaimer here, if you fancy yourself a chef and make your sauce from scratch …

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Dec 13

Food Preps – Pre-packaged or Home Brew? (Part 1)

By M.O.A. Let me preface this post with a thumbs-up kudos to PJ for his prep examples. If you are new to prepping, that is a great place to start culling ideas that fit within your own budget. It’s always all about lists, isn’t it? When it comes to food preps, you have a few …

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Sep 11

Two is one and one is none.

You have spent the last few years prepping for some impending disaster.  You have been diligent in your work and have a well rounded plan, you have paid attention to current events and knew it would be coming.  You have enough food and supplies to last your family for one year, possibly more.  However despite …

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