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May 01

Thoughts On Getting Back Into Shape

Inspired by some discussion over in our forum I decided to lay out some thoughts for those of you who might have gotten a little too busy to dedicate time to fitness.  I get it, life happens and if fitness isn’t a priority is ends up getting pushed aside so that other “things” can get …

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Jun 25

Stadium Workouts: Unleash the Beast.

stadium workout

I hate running on a track of just about any sort, it’s simply mind numbing going in circles.  When any amount of distance over a mile is involved I’d rather be on a trail or running on a predetermined course where the scenery (and elevation) changes.  However standard running tracks which can be found at …

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Feb 12

Prepper Fitness Assessment (PFA)

You have a 2 year supply of food in your bunker and a way to filter thousands of gallons of water from the river which runs by your property. You can shoot the hair off of a gnat’s anus at 1000 yards. You own a lifted 450 HP 4×4 on 33 inch tires which runs …

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Jan 10

Fitness Tip: Running Shoes

Asics Running Shoes 1

When I wrote my most recent fitness related article, 12 tips for getting into shape after the Holidays, I wasn’t really sure how much interest it would generate.  I was surprised to see that the article not only got quite a few views but I also received additional positive feedback via the comment section and personal email. …

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