Tag: Gun Control

Dec 29

Rifle vs Pistol training, what’s your ratio?

An old saying on the golf course goes like this: “drive for show, putt for dough.” Being able punch a golf ball 300 yards down the fairway while swinging a $500 carbon fiber driver with the head the size of a toaster on it does take skill (or luck), but the beer money is won …

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Nov 19

Concealed Carry: You’re doing it wrong.


My brother is a college student who lives several states away from me. He sent me a photo via text last night which is worth sharing.   I will do my best to relay the sequence of events as they were described to me, as you can imagine I had quite a few questions for …

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Nov 15

The cost of gun control, what happens when you stay silent.

Come and take it

We know there are those within our government who want to strip us of our right to bear arms.  It has been rumored that since the re-election Senator Feinstein has started working on her new glorious Assault Weapons Ban (version 2). Apparently Senator Feinstein’s current plan would not only further restrict the permissible features (by removing …

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Nov 14

Update: Post election gun / magazine / ammo prices.

Eight days ago I made a post which has turned out to be insanely popular, one of the most linked to items on this site.  I decided to track the pricing and availability of a few popular guns, magazines and bulk ammunition directly before and after the election.  It was just a fun exercise as I …

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