Tag: gun control laws

Mar 08

Ammunition and Magazine recommendations

Lots of hype concerning ammunition and magazines these days.  With some lawmakers pushing to restrict online ammo sales and magazine capacity (in some states this has already happened) the market and consumers have both reacted.  Supplies are slim, with “in stock” notification emails going out and quantities being snatched up in mere minutes.  Prices are …

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Dec 29

Rifle vs Pistol training, what’s your ratio?

An old saying on the golf course goes like this: “drive for show, putt for dough.” Being able punch a golf ball 300 yards down the fairway while swinging a $500 carbon fiber driver with the head the size of a toaster on it does take skill (or luck), but the beer money is won …

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Nov 19

Concealed Carry: You’re doing it wrong.


My brother is a college student who lives several states away from me. He sent me a photo via text last night which is worth sharing.   I will do my best to relay the sequence of events as they were described to me, as you can imagine I had quite a few questions for …

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Sep 07

Buying ammo as an investment

5.56 Historical Ammo Prices

In December of 2011 I bought a box of Federal XM193 (900 rounds) 5.56 for $305.  Today that same box of ammunition from the same online retailer is selling for $370.  Doing the simple math that is an 18% increase in price in roughly 9 months.  I have a feeling that the price of ammunition …

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