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Apr 08

Freeze Dried vs Dehydrated Storage Food (Infographic)

Chett from FoodInsurance.com sent over this awesome Infographic which I wanted to share.  Post comments or questions as necessary and I’ll see if he can answer them.

Feb 21

Why Buy Freeze Dried Food?

Freeze Dried Food Info

By AJ Why should the average consumer choose to buy freeze dried foods? 1. Long Shelf Life – Freeze dried food has a much longer shelf life, making it ideal for emergency situations. These foods can be easily stored almost anywhere and at room temperature. Freezing or refrigeration is not necessary. 2. Easily Prepared – …

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Feb 18

Food Storage: The Solution to Food Shortage

By Adeline We humans need food for proper nutrition. In times of crisis, access to a stable food supply is the key to continued survival. In the presence of natural disasters, human conflicts, climate change, and overpopulation, the threat of food shortages and total famine is not as far-fetched as it seems. Preparing long-term food supplies …

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Nov 19

The demand for food when T-SHTF

How is your food storage plan coming along? Do you have 2,000 calories per day of food for each person in your family for a week, month, 6 months or even a year or more? Hopefully you do because when it comes to prepping many simply underestimate the importance of having an adequate supply of …

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Oct 19

9 Meals Away From Anarchy

How much food do you have in your home right now?  If you are like most people (and I hope that you aren’t) you probably have enough to last a couple days or more.  This combined with the fact that our stores use a just in time delivery system mean that any interruption to the …

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Oct 05

Storage food tips for preppers

Starting a food storage plan can be a bit overwhelming at first. Canned food, freeze dried, dehydrated, shelf life, rotation cycles and many other factors can be confusing at first. Quite often people simply do not know where to begin and they end up spinning their wheels or spending unnecessary money. Had they done their …

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