Tag: BugOut Strategy

Mar 18

A Comprehensive Bugout Strategy

I’ve written about bugging out in the past, it’s a popular concept with many relevant ties to everyday life and unfortunately it’s also a concept rooted in many prepper fantasies.  Realistic bugouts happen quite frequently due to localized natural disasters, folks have to leave their home with very little notice hoping that it will be …

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Nov 14

The BugOut Land Fantasy

The S hits the fan and you pack the family into your 4wd, drive an hour to your bugout location (BOL) just before the crazies overrun your suburban house.  The property isn’t much but it’s yours, 20 acres with some water and deep in the woods.  You then build a shelter, plant crops, establish a …

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Mar 13

Bugout Log, Entry #4: And the Kitchen Sink

There are plenty of opinions out there concerning Bugout bags and their contents. You can easily do a search and find hundreds of lists and even a few books on the subject. The one thing about all the opinions and lists is there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution to selecting the right …

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Sep 13

Refining your BugOut strategy.

BugOut Shelf Unit

The concept of “Bugging Out” is a popular one amongst preppers. The term BugOut refers to quickly getting out of a bad situation before it turns into a really bad and possibly life threatening situation. When threatened by a hurricane, wildfire, chemical spill, or even volcanic eruption people are forced to BugOut whether they like …

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