Jun 25

Surviving any Situation – Alcohol tips and uses

By Luke.

When it comes to self-reliance and being able to adapt and change to any given situation, utilizing a single item for multiple purposes will separate you from the other denizens of society. You’ll need to be able to secure your home, family, and valuable resources. One of the most valuable items when it comes to more than a single function is alcohol. The first thought that probably comes to your mind? Probably consuming alcohol. And while yes, alcohol is an ingredient in many types of drinks, it provides other plentiful applications far more valuable than seeing double vision and feeling the ‘high’ of ingesting a significant amount. Let’s talk about some of those uses now.

Alcohol as a cleansing agent

Injuries such as cuts, scrapes, gunshot and puncture wounds, and others can be cleaned and disinfected with alcohol. Alcohol will kill bacteria and clean the wound, but alcohol is also caustic – meaning it’ll wear down tissue and is harmful to body cells. When you don’t have any options though, the harm alcohol causes to an open wound is not worth enough to keep bacteria trapped within it. Apply alcohol to a wound then wrap it with a bandage.
Sterilize needles and instruments

Prior to making injections, needles must be sterilized to prevent the passing of diseases or harmful bacteria. By using alcohol to kill those germs, needles can be safely used more than once. Beyond cleaning wounds and sterilizing needles, alcohol can be used to clean various instruments as well. Cleaning blades, guns, glass, and electronics are all tasks that are able to be completed using alcohol and a clean rag.


This feels like an infomercial, but wait there’s more! Here are some of the other interesting ways in which alcohol can be utilized in a survival situation:

– Weed killer
– Deodorant
– Mold killer
– Facial astringent
– Fuel for stove/cooking
– Stain removal
– Bug repellent

It’s like the Swiss army knife of liquid solutions. Alcohol is a necessary resource to procure and is invaluable when in a survival situation. If someone asked me what is the number one thing I’d make an effort to stock up on in a survival situation, water and food would be my top two choices, with alcohol being right up there slotted in at number three. It provides so many uses in one product that you can’t get with many other single items.

Lukas Nicholson writes about personal security and security systems, traditional security systems and DIY patchwork security systems. He enjoys being resourceful and utilizing every last crumb. He writes for Top Consumer Reviews – Home Security Systems.


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    • Muleskinner on June 26, 2014 at 10:10 PM
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    Alcohol is also the perfect base for a herbal tincture. As far as wound treatment alcohol would be my second choice. H2O2 (a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide) being my first for the simple reason that there isn’t any bacteria in this world that can live in an O2 rich environment.

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