Dec 26

Some Christmas Perspective

First of all:  Merry CHRISTmas (and Happy New Year) to everyone out there in the blogosphere!  I truly wish you and your families the best and hope that you embrace this time to reflect on how blessed all of us are.  I wanted to share a quick note with all of you which really helped to put things in perspective for me, I hope you appreciate it as much as I did.

The other night my family and I attended a Christmas Eve service, the minister put out a great message and the traditional carols were great to sing.  Of course there were references to Luke Chapter 2 and the reason for the season was embraced (Christ’s birth).  Yet I left there pondering something else entirely, something which I thought was worth sharing.

My family has known “John” and his family for quite a few years, admittedly my parents know them on a much more personal level.  I see John a few times a year, shake his hand and ask how the family is doing.  Here’s the thing:  John (who is in his 40’s) has Multiple Sclerosis and over the years I’ve see him slowly deteriorate in health.  Last night I walked into church and there he was with his family except this time his family was in the pews and he was in a wheelchair next to them.  Wow, my heart sank.

I linked up with John after the service in the foyer and we spoke at length.  To give you some more background on the situation, I’m quite sure their family barely scrapes by on part time work which does not pay much.  To make things worse John did have another job as a part time pastor at a local church but was recently let go.  They have two small boys and after I asked them if they were excited for Christmas, one replied that he didn’t know if they were getting any gifts.

Even in the midst of all that John was absolutely positive, it was something that really blew my mind.  He even mentioned that they would be having a celebration at home on New Years Eve, just to acknowledge how blessed they were as a family.  Overall John was upbeat, excited and living life to the fullest.  It was simply amazing to see someone who was facing such adversity shrug it off, continue to have faith while being thankful for all of the blessings in life.

I will tell you there is a plan to provide some assistance to the family, there is no way we could collectively pretend like the need didn’t exist.  Additionally I left there kicking myself for worrying about my small problems, things that were in no way close to what John and his family faces on a daily basis.  Just a little bit of Christmas perspective I wanted to pass along, hope you enjoyed it and remember to count your blessings!


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  1. J

    It is a good thing you and others are doing for them.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours, as well as to everyone else out there.

    1. PJ

      Thanks J, hope you have had a good Christmas this year as well!

  2. M.O.A.

    PJ, I have to admit that I often put on a brave face and try to act like an emotionally tough guy at times, but this story brought a tear to my eye.

    Would you please set up an online website fund for that family so I can donate some cash to them too? It would do my heart good to know that in some small way those of us here who are able to and wish to do so, can help make a difference for this family.

    Thank you, and Happy Christmas and Merry New Year to you and everyone here.

    1. PJ

      Appreciate the thoughts, not sure about setting up a fund but I’ll consider it. I did think about asking to pick his boys up so that we could take a shopping trip, maybe Toys R Us or something. I’m sure they would be super stoked! :)

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