Nov 10

Seeds of the Month Club ($3/month)

I had a reader once write to me and explain that if I ever started pushing junk or useless items via my blog that would be the tipping point, that would be when he had to sign off and never return.  With that in mind I have made it my pledge to only promote items or organizations which I personally use or find value in, no “As Seen On TV” items here (also no set of steak knives with your order).

Taking the above into consideration, I wanted to introduce everyone to our newest sponsor: AveragePersonGardening.com.  I’ve been in contact with Mike via email and have discussed how his presence on this site can bring value to the readers.  In short I think his concept is great, for a few bucks every month you get to become a member of his Seeds of the Month Club.  Membership includes:

  • Supporting a small business owner in the USA!
  • Open pollinated, heirloom varieties
  • 8 packs of seeds your 1st month
  • 4 packs of seeds every month thereafter
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 25% off vegetable gardening products in our online store
  • Free shipping

I already have stockpiled seeds for SHTF, but now I also plan on trying some of Mike’s seeds in my garden next spring.  When considering the cost it really is something I can afford to do, especially considering I usually leave a tip larger than $3 when I go out for breakfast.  If you have more questions about the club or what is involved, please visit this link and then check out the FAQ page.


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  1. Del

    Thanks for this article, I was hoping to see something like this. Just signed up and cant wait. Thank you again for all that you do on this site.

    1. PJ


      Glad you found the article and was able to sign up, let us know how it goes.

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