May 10

Pro Tip: How to Speed Reload a Pistol (Video)

Check out this great video which covers a no nonsense and effective approach to learning (and improving upon) speed reloads.  A three step procedure is covered in this video:

1- Activating the mag release while simultaneously drawing a fresh magazine.

2- Visually acquire the magwell and insert the fresh magazine [done within your “workspace”].

3- Rotate pistol out toward the target and reacquire the sights.

While I am nowhere near as fast as the instructor in this video I feel compelled to mention a few points.  There has been some debate as to whether or not one should look down while inserting the mag, no matter how brief it might be.  I for one do this, but according to some that is a mistake because I take my eyes off of any potential threat downrange.  To each his own, do what you feel you can get away with (or what is comfortable for you).  Additionally I would encourage those who are newer to the game to not get frustrated if, after 5 trips to the range you cannot speed reload with the type of efficiency demonstrated in this video.  Remember you can always conduct dry fire drills from the comfort of your own living room in order to build proficiency.


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  1. The Maj

    It is all muscle memory PJ and generally, the way you learn it will be the way that you do it. I am in the camp that looking down is a mistake but on the same note, if someone has trained themselves to look down when inserting a new magazine then they will waste more time by not looking down, than looking down. As you said, to each his/her own.

    1. PJ

      Different strokes for different folks I guess. :)

      1. The Maj

        Well, you cannot argue with the speed that the guy demonstrated in the video.

        1. PJ

          have you seen this guy?



  2. The Maj

    Definite skills. Lots of rounds down range every day.

  3. Jeremy

    One of the things I do is count rounds. Then the last round is chamber . Drop mag out put in new one. So you do not have to cock gun. Just keep shooting. One of my friends and I did a shout off . He had one 30 round mag and I had 3 mags. He got 30 off and I got 25 off in the same time. Some thing to practice.

    1. PJ

      I see lots of guys power stroke the slide when inserting a new mag, I’ve always found it’s just as easy to hit the slide release with my thumb. Like you said (and it’s demonstrated in the vid) if you reload prior to going dry there is no need for either method. Good stuff.

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