Dec 18

Prepping Because of Predictions?

Predictions are a tough business to get into, just ask the Mayans or anyone who predicted a civil war or stock market crash in 2013.  I too have had my fair share of predictions that failed to materialize.  I thought for certain that nationwide magazine restrictions and bans on online ammunition purchases would be in place by now, thankfully I was wrong (for the most part).  There is nothing really wrong with making predictions or taking them into consideration when others make them as long as we keep things in perspective.

Predictions, while often based on a myriad of factors are almost never 100% correct.  There have been economic forecasts which cite many facts/trends/charts and have predicted market upheaval or precious metals skyrocketing for the last few years.  *Crickets*  I totally concur that we are living in a completely unsustainable environment and the time to pay the piper will eventually come, but even the “experts” can get it wrong sometimes.  The issue starts to arise when we as preppers go out and do things solely on the basis of someone’s internet blog/youtube video prediction.  We move when we shouldn’t have, we spend money we don’t have, accelerate plans and cut corners…things just get messy.

So what’s the answer?  My thoughts are this: keep things in perspective.  Have a plan and stick with it, adjusting when necessary but never making radical moves solely based on someone’s prediction(s).  Just to reinforce my point, what follows is a collection of 2013 predictions from various sources around the internet which failed to materialize.  I have purposely not linked back to the source as a professional courtesy.

Stock Market Will Collapse

Precious Metals Will Rise 50%

Major Cyber Attack In America

WW3 Begins

Civil War Starts in America

More Big Bank Failures

The Market Will End Lower Than In 2012

Nationwide Assault Weapons Ban


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    • Muleskinner on December 20, 2013 at 6:54 PM
    • Reply

    A long time ago—more years then I wish to count—a Colonel in the US Army gave me this advice. “Vigilance will tell you when to act by keeping your mind focused and clear. Diligence gives you the tools needed to act when action is required.”

    Separately, neither will keep one from acting in a state of panic. Only the union of both, vigilance and diligence, will give any assurance of success or hope of survival.

      • PJ on December 22, 2013 at 9:15 PM
      • Reply

      Great advice, thanks for sharing it. Colonel’s usually know what they are talking about 🙂

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