Nov 03

PreppersMatch.com: Link Up With Like Minded Individuals

I wanted to make a post to introduce one of our newest sponsors of the blog, Preppersmatch.com.  I’ve been in contact with the individuals who have set up this networking website over the past month, they have been working very hard to put out a quality product which will serve to link up like minded people within the prepper community.  The website is very professional and allows users to establish profiles while only providing the information they deem necessary.  You can search for other preppers in your area, start groups and of course share reviews on products.  I should mention that I have signed up for the site in order to test the process and you truly can provide as much (or little) information as you want.  You can use generic information or provide no information for some of the profile questions, it’s really up to you.

From the founder, here is a website description which I’d like to share:

Preppers Match is a social networking community where people can come to meet and find other like minded people with a survival mentality, form survival groups with people geographically dispersed, and help these groups communicate, learn and prepare. Preppers Match allows you to search for other people or groups by location, interests, skill and many other factors while retaining some anonymity and keeping your specific location private. Preppers Match is also a place to share information about skills and products. It allows for a amazon like experience where products and training can be found purchased and reviewed by people with a preparedness mentality.

I have built an online community where people can help each other learn and prepare with a degree of safety and anonymity, form groups with like minded people that they may have never come into contact with otherwise and grow as a community. Preppers Match is a place where people with different assets and skills can bring together the gifts they have been given and work together for a more self sufficient future.

I should also mention that I posed a few questions related to internet security with respect to personal information (read: OPSEC) for those who might be concerned about it.  Obviously all of us should be concerned about OPSEC but it didn’t hurt to ask the question, here is the response.

I have been an IT professional for many many years, I want to start off my response with the brutal truth. Your information is never 100% secure unless you never touched a computer, never bought anything online, and never logged onto any computer with any personally identifiable information and for that matter were never a citizen of a country where the citizens information stored somewhere in an accessible database. That said, there is also a price to pay for 100% safety, it means you are 100% guaranteed that you will not find anyone online that will be willing and able to help and defend you when the time comes where you will need this help and defense. Preppers Match was designed with security in mind first. You are never required to share any information you don’t want to share, the information you do share is limited to only registered members and no one is ever shown any information that could identify you as an individual unless you choose to do so. Preppers Match is a intended to be a place where preppers can meet online, in a anonymous situation, communicate in a way that allows you to get to know each other until you are comfortable sharing personal information. Preppers Match has taken every step available to protect your information from making the PII(Personally Identifiable Information) optional, to encrypting the information you do choose to post to the site. The balance between security and self reliance is always fine line, you need to make the personal choice to put some information out there to be able to find the right group of people to build the security that you need. Too much shared information means too little security, to little shared information means you are loosing out on the opportunity to gain a mutual security that no on can put a price tag on.

So there you have it.  If anything check out the website and take it for a test drive before deciding to sign up.  If you have any specific questions for Preppersmatch.com post them up in the comment section and I’ll pass them along.


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    just clicked the link and will check out the site some more!

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