Sep 24

Prepper Quiz! Test your knowledge.

I came up with a short 20 question quiz which should help to kill some time during your busy workday.  I tried to pull questions from every aspect of the Prepper Pyramid, and incorporated a few situation based (read: subjective) questions as well.  These questions were not meant to be slow moving softballs lobbed at you, but rather somewhat challenging in nature.  Once you are through with the quiz scroll down to the bottom of the page for the answers.  Enjoy!

Prepper-Resoures.com Quiz

  1. What should the minimum distance be (in feet) from a water well to a septic tank to ensure the water does not get contaminated?
  2. You and your family of 3 are trapped in your home with no possibility of Bugging out due to one of your family members being extremely ill.  You know that (from listening to your radio) roaming bands of armed looters will make there way to your location within a few hours.  What is your best course of action?
  3. Potatoes should be harvested before ground temperatures drop below ___ degrees to minimize bruising.
  4. Having items which contain calcium in your food storage is very important in order to maintain healthy bones and teeth. For the average male, age 19-50 years old, what is the recommended daily calcium intake in mg?
  5. When considering chickens for food, about how long does it take a Heritage Chicken to reach market weight?
  6. Reference using dry ice for food storage containers, 1lb of dry ice will produce ___ cubic feet of carbon dioxide gas.
  7. If possible what should your first long term goal for food storage be?
  8. For a man between the ages of 19-50 performing hard work/exercise daily, how many calories are recommended?
  9. FEMA recommends ___ drops of bleach per quart of water for treatment purposes.
  10. Typically what is the minimum amount of fresh water a person should have for daily consumption?
  11. If you could capture all of the rainwater off of a 20×30 foot roof after a storm dropped 1/10 of an inch of rain, how many gallons would you have collected?
  12. When re-constituting dehydrated food, you typically add ___ times the amount of water to the dry fruit, vegetable, meat.
  13. What is the sustained rate of fire for the M4/M16 rifle?
  14. You are in a firefight and moving from one covered position (something hard that can stop bullets) to another when you spot two targets out in the open at 50 meters, what do you do?
  15. When fired from an M16, the M855 (62 grain) 5.56NATO round travels at ____ft per second
  16. What is the most popular rifle round (based on sales) in the world?
  17. You can catch E. coli person to person when someone doesn’t wash their hands after a bowel movement.  Some of the symptoms are bloody diarrhea,  nausea, vomiting and cramps.  These usually start within…
  18. What medicinal plant is good for breaking a fever (promotes sweating) as well as stopping bleeding when applied rather than ingested?
  19. What is considered a simple knot used to tie a rope to a post?
  20. When considered for bartering, what is the most popular style of liquor?



  1. 50 Feet
  2. Make your home appear as if it has already been looted.  Tear the door off the hinges, break the windows, toss stuff out into the yard.  A home that looks like a fort will only attract attention, letting people know there is something inside worth taking.  Besides in this example you only have 4 people total (one of them is sick), not the best odds if taking on an armed band of looters.  Best to keep a low profile and hope they move on, while still remaining vigilant (prepared to fight) just in case.  An armed and fortified community/neighborhood is a different story altogether, but that’s a topic for another post.
  3. 55 Degrees
  4. 700mg
  5. 16 weeks
  6. 8.3 cubic feet
  7. 1 year supply of food, capable of providing 2,000 calories for each person in your family.
  8. 3000 Calories
  9. 4 drops
  10. 1 Gallon
  11. 37 Gallons
  12. 3 times
  13. 12-15 rounds per minute
  14. Continue moving to cover, make a mental note of the targets but do not stop to engage.  While it might seem enticing, stopping in the open to engage targets also means that you are now a target.  At 50 meters your chances of hitting 2 targets while moving are slim, if you stop to engage the 2 targets you see you now are a full sized/motionless target for the 4 or 5 enemy you don’t see.  Best to get to cover first and then re-asses.  Doing the stuff you see in movies only gets you wounded or killed.
  15. 3,050 fps
  16. 22LR
  17. 3-4 days
  18. Catnip 
  19. Clove hitch
  20. Vodka


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  1. Ranger W

    I wont even give a score for myself… I did horrible. Thanks for collecting some of the hard research facts we should have all already known… Keep up the good work PJ. Luckily we all have the wonderful interconnected tubes of interwebs to further our knowledge. Hopefully I can stay away from useless reading on random wikipedia topics and focus my efforts more efficiently now!

  2. PJ

    Glad you enjoyed the quiz. Lots of knowledge to be had out there, you just have to find it!

  3. JD

    This is good stuff PJ…. I have to admit I’ve been a regular at your site a for a while now. At first just to check back on the posts for interaction, but I’ve been exploring lately and you’ve got some great stuff on here.

    Enjoyed your podcast on gun control as well. I’ve got another client who has a site dealing with that issue right now as well so it was interesting to hear some more about it.


    BTW – I scored horribly on this quiz….

    1. PJ


      The kind words are very much appreciated. If you do spend a little time digging on the site there is quite a bit more information, not all of it written by me. The struggle continues to find daily items to write about but with people like yourself contributing it does make it a bit easier. Additionally scaling back and not posting on the weekends has been a great help, everyone needs time off!

      Glad you like the Podcast too, sometimes I feel like I focus too much on gun control but we really are witnessing events which directly impact our ability to prep. Thus I choose to highlight many of the issues and contribute my thoughts.

      Thanks again and I’ll work up another quiz here soon.


  4. Gail

    Really enjoyed this (though I did really, REALLY(!!!) bad!) Lets me know how much I don’t know!!! Would like to see more of this.

    1. PJ

      Thanks Gail, I’ll try to work up another one here soon.

  5. rod

    Q: “You and your family of 3 are trapped in your home with no possibility of Bugging out due to one of your family members being extremely ill. You know that (from listening to your radio) roaming bands of armed looters will make there way to your location within a few hours. What is your best course of action?”

    A: Make your home appear as if it has already been looted. Tear the door off the hinges, break the windows, toss stuff out into the yard. A home that looks like a fort will only attract attention, letting people know there is something inside worth taking.”

    This crapola is why people need to be skeptical of information they get from the internet. “Tear the door off the hinges”???? In other words, let anyone walk into your home with no barrier whatsoever?

    I don’t think so, and this kind of arm-chair advice is ill considered Bologna.

    Fort up and make your home as impregnable as you can. Even armed looters are not going to risk getting killed by attacking a fortified home. They are not a disciplined army with a chain of command and orders to attack, they are a band of looters and opportunists who will avoid anyone who is capable of fighting back.

    1. rod

      BTW, no offense intended.

      1. PJ

        Rod, thanks for the comment and…no offense taken! :)

        Allow me to address your concerns and of course, each man is entitled to his own opinion.

        I find it ironic that there are no shortages of posts online which address the need to blend in, be the gray man whether it be pre or post SHTF. In a SHTF Bugout situation I can’t tell you how many posts I’ve read which discuss NOT wearing camo, not having a military bag, not carrying a weapon, all because the thought prevails that if one is seen as having “stuff” one could be a target. The same goes with vehicles and I bet you would agree. A plain SUV or even minivan would be a better nondescript vehicle post SHTF than a lifted 4×4 spewing black smoke out of modified exhaust pipes. Why then does this thought process NOT extend to the most important element, that being the home where your family resides?

        I’m not advocating that you simply allow anyone to stroll onto your property and pick through your home, but why would you want your home to stick out like a sore thumb weeks or months after SHTF? If the neighborhood or general area you live in is run down and destitute looking, yours should most definitely look the same if not WORSE. Why draw unwanted attention to yourself? Most certainly you can have defensive measures in place but from the outside it should look like the home has been sacked at least twice.

        I’d also like to address a major problem I see with many preppers. It’s a classic case of underestimating the enemy and overestimating our tactical prowess. Maybe we’ve been in the service or have some LEO time, maybe some of us shoot quite a bit or have spent money for a tacticool weekend course run by guys with beards. Whatever the case may be some of us believe that under no circumstance will any “looter” or gang of “looters” ever be able to put us in a situation where we are fighting for our lives. The perception exists that every band of evil doers will be made up of slack jawed, knuckle dragging half wits who have no desire to live and can barely aim (much less fire) a weapon. One warning shot and they scatter like roaches… I would submit to you that is a dangerous mindset to have, very dangerous.

        No matter how fortified your home is, no matter how many shooters you think you have, it is never impregnable. Many evil doers will be smart, well trained and possess good equipment. What happens if they set a bulldozer on fire and drive it right through your front door? Or maybe they aren’t all that smart but have 200 or even 300 shooters? These are extreme examples but the point is nobody should ever believe they are immune and that their adversary will always be comprised of weak cowards.

        The goal should be to stay off the radar and only react if absolutely necessary (and then swiftly with extreme violence of action). Good luck with your plan!


  6. Brian B

    WoW 12-15 rounds a minute. I could easily beat that with my Mosin M/91 bolt action.
    I think you made a typo, rate of fire is 750-900 avg.
    Everything else is spot on. Thanks for the great article.

    1. PJ


      I believe you are referring to the cyclic rate of fire, sustained is indeed 12-15 rpm. Glad you enjoyed the article.

  7. Jprep

    Good info thanks

  8. Brad

    Number 14: You’re in a firefight. You’re in a situation where you have freedom of movement.

    The correct answer: Get the hell outta the firefight. You don’t have to stand your ground, but if in case you do, make sure it’s on your terms. You shouldn’t be advancing against multiple hostiles when you’re alone, and even if you’re with family or friends or a community, the situation stands. The idea is to bug out every opportunity you get. All these preppers with this “I’m gonna kill anyone that steps on my property!” are the ones that are going to get bagged first. You’re not Clint Eastwood, this isn’t the wild west. Stay alive, stay sharp, and stay vigilant. But don’t get caught up in combat where you have a disadvantage. You’ll almost always lose.

    A concerned sheepdog

    1. PJ

      Absolutely agree, but what if you cannot get out? The best gunfight is the one you never have to get into but in a post SHTF world this might be unavoidable. What if you are defending your home? What if you have small children in tow and no vehicles or are cut off from your vehicle/escape route. While we should plan to avoid getting into firefights as a best practice one shouldn’t assume that every situation will allow for that.

      I disagree with a bugout as a first option every single time. Once the first round goes down range returning fire (possibly) and assessing the situation should be happening so that a practical, calculated decision can be made. 1 to 2 shooters, sniper, 5 to 10 shooters, distance…not to mention how we are postured at the time all have a role in the decision I would make.

      I think the main driver behind me writing that original question was to get people to think about the differences between flat range shooting and realities. Just watch youtube vids where guys are practicing moving under fire, or reacting to contact. Many times it’s ridiculous, dangerous, and downright laughable. Guys advancing in the open, taking a knee to shoot in the open, taking cover behind trees 2 inches thick etc.

  9. Ed

    This test had several questions that had nothing to do with actual prepping. 1.Who care how fast a bullet travels?
    2. Who cares about the market weight of any chicken?
    3. Dry ice? really? how much of that will be around? and it does not last very long.
    4. Vodka, news flash, anyone wanting alcohol when they cant get it does not care what brand they get.
    5. How much water can you collect if? The question should be do you have a means of collecting this water if it rains.

    1. PJ

      So did you pass? :)

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