Mar 13

Prepper Quiz #3, Test your knowledge!

It’s been a while since I have taken the time to put up a quiz, at least since last fall.  Have fun racking your brain coming up with answers for the following questions.  Let me know if you get them all correct!

Prepper-Resources.com Quiz #3

1.  One Troy ounce = _____ ounces.

2. Name 2 plants that can be sown indoors during this month (March), prior to moving them to an outdoor garden.

3. When dry salting meat for preservation, for every 100lbs of meat ___ to ___ lbs of salt should be weighed out.

4. The continuing presence of bacteria in a well, new or old, after the well has been chlorinated and flushed, is an indication that _____.

5. One should heat water to _____ degrees Fahrenheit for _____ minutes in order to kill all microorganisms.

6. When cooking outside it is optimal to locate your fire ___ to ___ yards downwind from your shelter (tent).

7. Each click on the bezel ring of a compass represents how many degrees?

8. Most 4×4’s can be driven into water that is _____ without taking special precautions.  Beyond that two major concerns would be water getting into the _____ and _____.

9. You have MREs in your food storage stash.  Each MRE provides an average of _____ calories.

10. A person weighing 160 lbs will burn _____ calories in 1 hour by jogging at 5mph.  You have to burn _____ calories MORE than you take in to lose 1 lb of fat.

Bonus. Something is wrong with your furnace and you need to call a repairman.  There is only one problem, all of your Preps are in the basement and you are worried about tipping off the repairman as to your motives.  There is simply too much stuff in your basement to move out and you need to get your furnace fixed.  What should you do?



1. 1.09714286 ounces

2. Several answers: Broccoli, Cabbage, Eggplants, Lettuce

3. 10 to 15

4. Surface water is somehow entering the well.

5. 160 degrees F for 30 minutes

6. 30 to 40 yards from your tent, you don’t want animals sniffing around.

7. 3 degrees.

8. Axle deep.  Air intake, Engine computer.

9. 1250 Calories.

10. 606, 3500 calories.

Bonus Answer:  You might be thinking that you should cover everything with sheets, but that would be even more suspicious.  I would definitely remove/secure any weapons or loose ammunition but for the most part just leave everything as is.  Go down there with the repairman if it makes you feel better and if he asks you about the supplies (he probably won’t) just be honest about it but shrug it off as no big deal.  “Yea man, you know how it is.  My wife is crazy so she has me preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse.”  Most likely he won’t even care what you have down there, remember this is a guy who goes to multiple homes every day and has no doubt seen quite a few strange things.  If you are worried about the furnace repairman taking notes on what homes to come back and loot should T-SHTF, you’d better believe the UPS and FEDEX people who delivered all that stuff have you marked on their hit list as well. :)


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  1. Yum Yucky

    GAH! I got none of these right. And here I was, thinking myself all fancy with my knowledge… Nope.

    1. PJ

      Don’t worry, if I were to take the test I would probably score horribly as well. :)

  2. Bill

    My water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit here at sea level do they mean heat to 160 degrees or are they talking at altitude.

    1. PJ


      Excellent catch, complete typo on my part. Now fixed! thanks

  3. Monsoon Matriarch

    on question 4, could another cause be that someone has a cess pol or septic nearby and upgradient of your well?

    Thanks — great quiz!

    1. PJ

      Great observation and you would be correct, septic systems are one of the main causes of ground water contamination. If you want to read more about it, check out this document which was published by the EPA.

      One of the main causes of ground water contamination in the United States is the effluent (outflow) from septic tanks, cesspools, and privies. Approximately one-fourth of all homes in the United States rely on septic systems to dispose of their human wastes. Although each individual system releases a relatively small amount of waste into the ground, the large number and widespread use of these systems makes them a serious contamination source. Septic systems that are improperly sited, designed, constructed, or maintained can contaminate ground water with bacteria, viruses, nitrates, detergents, oils, and chemicals.

  4. douey

    Good quiz but a troy ounce is 31.1 ounces. 31.1/28=1.11 ounces.

    1. PJ


      I did the same math, but probably used a different source than you did. This website cites: A troy ounce is heavier than an avoirdupois ounce (1 avoirdupois ounce = 28.35 grams, a troy ounce = 31.1 grams). The division of those two gave me the 1.097

      Thanks for the comment, it seems there are some discrepancies out there :)

  5. Roger

    Hey, I am getting smarter! Though on the bonus question, I would answer that you should pile a lot of old junk on your preps to conceal them. Or built a partition between where the furnace is and your preps are! And the UPS and FEDEX guys ARE making that list for me! Good Luck!

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