Sep 29

Prepper Quiz #2, test your knowledge!

Yet another quiz I came up with to test your knowledge related to current events and other general prepping topics.  A good brain teaser for your weekend!  Good luck, scroll down to the bottom for the answers.

Prepper-Resources.com Quiz #2

1- For Fiscal Year 2012, what is the projected total spending by the US Govt?

2- What is the projected budget deficit?

3- Stacked on standard pallets, what would the US budget look like in 100 dollar bills?

4- You have 2 gallons of extra water in your BugOut bag, how much weight does this add?

5- In addition to the water you have 500 extra rounds of 5.56 you want to carry in your BugOut bag, this adds how much weight?

6- If stored properly, how long are medications good for after their expiration date?

7- Staying awake longer than ___ hours straight leads to a decrease in performance equivalent to a blood alcohol level of 0.05%.

8- The average 30 year old male in good health can walk a mile in ___ minutes.

9- When stored Pears should be kept at a temperature of under __ degrees.

10- In America, the average person consumes about __ lbs of rice per year.

11- This plant is known for juices that will relieve stinging nettle burns or ease minor cuts.

12- The average person uses the toilet ___ times per year, and __ sheets of TP per day.

13- When using earth to build a defensive position, typically how many inches of dirt is needed to stop most small arms fire?

14- Canned milk has a shelf life of ____ compared to _____ for evaporated milk.

15- ______ is a small packet of material used to prolong the shelf life of food.

16- This is a lightweight nylon kernmantle rope originally used in the suspension lines of US parachutes.

17- What are the 5 major terrain features when considering land navigation?

18- If you were traveling at 20 degrees on your compass, your back azimuth would be ___ degrees.

19- Most homes are only built to withstand winds of __ mph, or an EF1 tornado.

20- Tactically speaking BMNT and EENT are important considerations when it comes to heightened levels of security.  What do the two acronyms stand for?



1- 3.7 Trillion 

2- 1.3 Trillion

3- Here you go, prepare to be mind blown.

4- 16.6 lbs, 8.3 per gallon.

5- In magazines roughly 15lbs.

6- At least 1 to 2 years.

7- 17 hours.

8- 13-14 minutes.

9- 40 degrees.

10- 25 lbs

11- Lady Ferns

12- 2,500 / 57

13- 18 inches

14- 3- 6 months / 6 months

15- Oxygen Absorber.

16- 550 Cord.

17- Hill, Valley, Ridge, Saddle, Depression

18- 200 degrees.

19- 90 mph

20- BMNT (begin morning nautical twilight, i.e. nautical dawn) and EENT (end evening nautical twilight, i.e. nautical dusk)


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