Jan 24

Prep Updates: Wow it’s Cold

The last couple weeks have been ridiculous with temps ranging from -30 to 15 or 20 degrees.  Every time I step outside I know that if I were to get dropped in the woods in these temps my likelihood of survival would be slim.  Yes I have gear and know how to make a fire but when it’s so cold that it feels like the air is being sucked out of your lungs, that could be problematic.  I’m not sure how the folks up in Alaska do it, maybe they eventually get used to this sort of thing (and layer their clothes).  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve trained in the cold and been the guy who has woken up with ice on the outside of a sleeping bag but this is on a whole new level.  It truly makes you realize just how brutal nature can be if not prepared.

In other news my German Shepherd (now 10 months old) is apparently immune to the cold.  We go on walks and I’m wrapped up like the Michelin Man, he runs around like it’s 70 degrees outside.  The other night it was hovering above zero and I let him out, 10 minutes later he was laying in the snow chewing on a bone enjoying himself.  That’s one hard as nails dog!

10 month old German Shepherd in the snow


Deals on the internet

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Today only (Friday 24 Jan) Camping Survival is having a site wide 10% off sale.

As a knife guy I can’t pass on telling everyone about the Spyderco on sale over at AWBPrepper.com.  Great little pocket knife and I actually had one until I lost it!


Current Events

Transformer Fire Leaves Residents Without Heat, Power In Bitter Cold
PJ:  Proof that it doesn’t have to be TEOTWAWKI for people to experience small amounts of SHTF.

“The Market Is Rapidly Realizing That They Can’t Go On Forever”
PJ:  It will be interesting to see where we are 3-5 years from now.  I wonder if people will still be dumping money from their paychecks into 401k’s or IRAs hoping for a return in say…20 to 30 years.

Newspaper chain plans ‘state-by-state’ concealed weapon databases
PJ:  Interesting to watch as they attempt to put CCW permit holders who pass an FBI Background check and are required to take training on the same level as sex offenders.

Pro-death Insanity Envelops Belgium
PJ:  This is creepy….and crazy.

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    • The Maj on January 26, 2014 at 10:35 AM
    • Reply

    The pro-death mind set in Belgium and Europe as a whole is most strange and troubling to me. It seems in this country, we are always hearing how much better things work in Europe or “we should pattern x after Europe” (Obamacare anyone?). So how long until this mindset takes hold here? The value of the human life has diminished exponentially in my life time, so I guess it will not come as much of a surprise.

    The markets still worry me but I am not sure we are closer to a total economic collapse than we were with the bailout blitz. One thing is certain, you cannot float checks but so long before it will catch up to you and it is no different with the government printing money. It will eventually happen, maybe a butterfly fluttering its wings in the Amazon will be the trigger.

      • Vinz on January 26, 2014 at 7:45 PM
      • Reply

      I live in The Netherlands. Here we also have euthanasia, but much stricter then in Belgium. My father suffered from cancer a few years ago. One of the rules for euthanasia here is that the patient must have a clear mind. Because my father was drugged with morphine to ease the pain, he couldn’t get euthanasia. So he had to suffer more than needed. That was tough for all of us.
      In Belgium the rules for euthanasia are less strict. Is that a bad thing? If everybody, who had euthanasia, had thrown itself for a train, that would have caused a lot more damage to everybody involved. Have you ever seen a person hit by a train? A lethal injection seems more peaceful and humane.
      Pro-death is a wrong choice of words.

      If you think of The Netherlands, you might think of the joints you can smoke here. The selling of it is tolerated, but the growing is prohibited. So the growing is illegally done in residential area’s. The illegally connected power stations often cause fires. We had in the last 5 years 2 apartments filled with plants in our building. Luckily they didn’t caused fires. Most of the population of The Netherlands think it’s ridiculous that the selling is tolerated. So the next time someone says that Europe is good en smoking weed in Amsterdam is cool, remember this story.
      And guns are illegal here, so we can’t defend ourselves against scum that does have guns.

        • Muleskinner on January 26, 2014 at 10:47 PM
        • Reply

        So you want us to think of the Netherlands as a disarmed people who are at the mercy of thugs; a society made up of a pot smoking (i.e. stoned) individuals whose illegal pot growing activities are dangerous to lives and property innocent people; but have tougher euthanasia laws then Belgium. The Maj has is right when he used the term “pro-death” to describe the European mind set and you just made his case for him. Aren’t you people ever going to get tired of being barbarians?

        • The Maj on January 27, 2014 at 2:18 PM
        • Reply

        Vinz, I can appreciate the situation you and your family found yourself in and it is always hard to say whether Euthanasia is right or wrong when you get down to the specifics of each individual case. From my personal perspective, it is wrong because it is nothing more than suicide and my religious beliefs strongly condemn suicide. Naturally, not everyone ascribes to my religious beliefs and or views, which is fine. However, when euthanasia is allowed and not controlled (i.e. being in a reasonable state of mind to make an informed and conscious decision), at what point does it simply become murder for convenience? When you talk about parents making decisions to euthanize children where do you draw the line? Who is allowed to draw those lines? Who enforces those lines? At what point does the government have the ability to step in and say “you” are a drain on society and society would be better off if you were euthanized? Better for the “collective”, so to speak…

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