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Prep Updates: Snowmaggeddon!

I find it quite ironic that I posted an informative article related to gardening today, this while winter storms and freezing temps grip the nation.  Currently there is a nice layer of snow on the ground outside of my home with another 6 inches expected throughout the evening and into tomorrow.  This combined with temps in the single digits and wind chills easily below zero, it’s downright nasty outside.  Yet here I sit in basketball shorts and a T shirt, enjoying the comforts of modern living in my climate controlled home.  Thankfully I realize this bit of comfort does not necessarily have an infinite lifespan, if T-SHTF the suckfest would be upon many very quickly.  Those who have failed to prepare will be literally out in the cold, not lasting long in the temps which are just beyond my threshold.

All of that in mind there are still limits when conducting realistic training.  If I had it my way we would shut off the heat (and power) and go for a few days enduring a life less civilized.  Eating what we could heat up in MRE’s or on our propane stove, not showering and learning the benefits of a nice sleeping bag.  Alas there are some bridges that are just too far as there is no way my family would be game for this type of experience and I completely understand why.  Additionally I don’t think it would be wonderful watching my water pipes freeze and possibly burst, it’s just not worth it.  If the time comes we’ll just have to get through it as best we know how.


Prep Deals Online:

I received a Cold Steel (Code 4) knife for Christmas and it’s very solid, probably one of the best folders that I have owned.  AWBPrepper has a nice selection of Cold Steel knives, check them out here.

To compete with the Berkey Sport bottle, Lifestraw has introduced the Lifestraw GO, and Camping Survival has them for under $30.

Great item for a BOB or day pack, Mayday 400 Calorie food bars from Black River Outpost.  At $1.79 each you can afford to snag a handful of them up!

Don’t forget about the SEEDS Of The MONTH Club!  It’s very affordable and offered over at AveragePersonGardening.com.


Current Events:

University developing technology to vote on your tablet, smartphone
PJ:  It’s been proven that no system is immune to attacks/hacks, it should be interesting to watch how this unfolds.

Man Clearing Snow In The Village Carjacked In Broad Daylight
PJ:  Happened in NYC, of course we know CCW is not allowed…heck NO guns are allowed (especially handguns).  So why then, did the criminal who pulled out a gun apparently disregard the law?  Fascinating.

‘Polar vortex’ set to bring dangerous, record-breaking cold to much of US
PJ:  In every vehicle we not only have survival bags and sleeping bags, but a complete set of winter clothing in addition to winter boots, gloves and head gear.  I hope you do the same if you live in an area impacted by this cold.

PJ:  I’m just sayin…what happens in a few years when letters go out to all of these now registered gun owners which demands that they TURN IN their firearms?

“Dear Mr Jones, recent laws have been passed to ensure the safety and security of our wonderful state.  As such all weapons  which meet (insert criteria here) are now illegal to own.  Back in 2013 you registered 4 assault style firearms and 30 high capacity magazines with the (insert county) Sheriff’s department.  You have 30 days to turn in your firearms and magazines or face prosecution.  Have a nice day!”  

Think it’s not possible?  Just wait….


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    • J on January 6, 2014 at 12:37 PM
    • Reply

    “Polar Vortex”; just a new, fancy way of saying “IT’S FREAKIN’ COLD!!”

    this upcoming front did motivate me to double check all of my cold weather and power failure type equipment, as well as checking on some of my older neighbors.

    one thing I forgot to do was WD-40 the doors on my vehicle and they, predictably, froze shut on me. was curious as to any other ways (besides parking in the garage) anyone might have to prevent doors from freezing?

    Was born a southern boy, where 40 degrees was cold, still picking up tricks for cold weather here and there.

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