Dec 06

Prep Updates: Bring on the Snow

I should apologize for the lack of articles this week but it’s something I just can’t help.  I spent a very busy 4 days in Chicago attending a conference, it was like being in the belly of the beast!  I’m so glad to be out of that town, in my opinion the traffic was worse than D.C. and Midtown Manhattan.  Let’s just say I’m glad to be HOME.

In other news in my neck of the woods we got 6+ inches of snow this afternoon, which predictably snarled traffic and sparked conversations like this:

Joe: Wow can you believe it’s snowing outside, this is crazy!

John:  Man that’s nothing, I’m from (insert some northern state) and we get (exaggerated) ___ feet of snow every day!  Ha!

I left my office around noon as the snow started to fall and have shoveled my driveway and back patio twice since being home.  I found out that my 8 month old German Shepherd LOVES the snow, he was outside with me and just played and played.  I also had an interesting exchange with one of my neighbors after shoveling my drive for the 2nd time.  He attempted to pull into his driveway and couldn’t get past the curb.  I’m not sure why people buy 2 wheel drive SUV’s but apparently he is one of those who feel that 4WD is just not necessary.  Anyways I offered to give him a push up the drive, it struck me as odd that he didn’t know what I was talking about.  “A push?  What do you mean?”  *pause*  “Well that means you step on the gas and I push your vehicle, we’ll rock it up the driveway.”  Of course it worked but I was just surprised at how little people know about dealing with this type of weather.

I’d be interested in hearing about any of your experiences from this recent winter storm if you were in the path of it.  Post up in the comment section!


Prepper Deals Online:

[notice]We have a new sponsor for the blog: Black River Outpost!  They are a family owned and operated business based out of Northern Michigan who pride themselves as being preppers.  They stock all inventory on hand and don’t rely on drop-shipping.  They also do their best to keep prices as low as possible and work hard to constantly expand their selection of inventory.  All orders over $100 get free shipping![/notice] has a Mountain House Case Sale going on until Dec 8th.  They have also extended their Cyber Monday Sale, visit their website for more information. is featuring a SUREFIRE 6PX TACT-BLACK 320 LM-LED Flashlight in their weekly sale, pick one up for a significant savings vs retail!


Current Events:

One of the Worst Ice Storms in Years Continues From Texas to Kentucky
PJ:  It’s not like we didn’t have a warning…but there will still be those who are caught with their pants down.

At least 2 dead, 250,000 in Texas without power, as winter storm slams South, Midwest
PJ:  It doesn’t have to be an EMP strike or Cyber attack!

Big Banks Are Being Hit With Cyberattacks “Every Minute Of Every Day”
PJ:  In a world where everything is connected, NOTHING is safe.  3 years ago my checking account was cleaned out in a matter of hours, fortunately I got all the funds back.  Yesterday I had to cancel my debit card and order a new one after $300 in charges from several hundred miles away surfaced.  I noticed the discrepancies immediately because I have alerts set on my account, any transaction over $100 generates a text to my phone.

Gun Control Coming to the Senate Floor on Monday
PJ:  No chance, we made our position clear throughout 2013 and remain vigilant when it comes to protecting our 2A rights.

It’s Time to Talk About Guns and the Supreme Court
PJ:  Just…WOW.  It’s not often you see this strong of an opinion coming from within the ranks of the military.  For the record, I disagree with his stance.




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    • Muleskinner on December 6, 2013 at 11:35 PM
    • Reply

    PJ I am really sorry you had to go to Chicago. The last time I was in Chicago was in the late summer and it took three days to get the stench out of my nostrils.

    On a lighter note I did a quick search of your new sponsor, Black River Outpost. They are very competitive with the majors in ammo, knives and First Aid supplies. This is great to see since we are in the market for some of the items they are offering. The 100 dollars, free shipping, program is a very nice bonus. Congratulation on a great find.

      • PJ on December 7, 2013 at 8:04 AM
      • Reply

      Black River Outpost does have some great pricing on many of their items which is nice this time of year. My Christmas list looks like an inventory sheet from one of the major prep suppliers. 🙂

    • The Maj on December 7, 2013 at 12:27 PM
    • Reply

    Well, no snow here. I do not envy y’all during the winter months, much like I imagine y’all don’t envy me in July/August. 🙂

    I guess the gun control folks just will never stop. We are just getting back to somewhat normal on the supply and pricing side of things, so it must be time for someone to start another panic.

  1. Thanks for the kind words.

    We are honored to be a sponsor of Prepper Resources. You have a great community here. Thanks for having us on board!

    • The Maj on December 12, 2013 at 7:56 PM
    • Reply

    Just FYI on Black River Outpost. I ordered several items and they all arrived within a week of placing my order (no easy feat for any company where I live). All items were packaged well and were as advertised. Two thumbs up for my experience with them.

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