Apr 15

Prep Updates: Blogging with tiny keyboards

This morning I opened my laptop and powered it up, nothing.  I could hear the hard drive spinning but the screen remained black, not a good sign of course.  After going through various troubleshooting steps and multiple fix attempts I came to the realization that my laptop had kicked the bucket.  The good news is that I frequently back up all the data on that laptop so nothing really was lost, and at a price (new) of around $350 I guess it gave me a solid 4 years of life.  So if you aren’t in the habit of backing up all of your data I suggest you do so, not into the cloud but rather onto a dedicated hard drive.  The last thing you want is to have a situation like mine and realize that everything on your computer (pics, data, bills, taxes, passwords etc) is completely lost.

My immediate fix has been to utilize the iPad provided by my job, something I’ve had for at least 6 months but have never even used.  I picked up a bluetooth keyboard and was able to set everything up, imported all of my bookmarks and passwords and am up and running.  I feel like this keyboard was made for a child though, hence the title of my post.

In prepping news my wife and I are somewhat disheartened that we have plants outside and it’s supposed to freeze tonight.  I mean seriously, is this winter ever going to end?  Maybe we’ll cover the stuff with a sheet, I also plan on putting a pot over my blueberry bush in hopes it will withstand the temps.


Prep Deals Online:

Black River Outpost has Coghlans Emergency 36 hour Candles on sale for less than $5.

Do you have a copy of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution?  I bought a pocket one at Cracker Barrel and was disappointed to see “Made in China” on it.  Seriously…some things should be sacred.  In any event check out the pocket guide over at Campingsurvival.com for around $3.


Stalker Updates:

For those of you who read the article I wrote about a potential stalker and were wondering what the deal was, progress has been made.  I’ve been in contact with the police and it turns out this person of interest quite possibly has been harassing others (mostly high school girls).  I hope they gather more facts and get this sicko off the streets!



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  1. Brandon

    Glad to hear some good news on the stalker front! The guy sounds like he has serious problems. I hope they can get enough on him to put him away for a while, before he does something really bad to someone.

    Sorry to hear about your laptop. What a pain that is. As far as data and passwords and other information, you ought to look into Onenote. It’s probably my favorite application, and Microsoft has just made it free. It can save stuff to the cloud, and then you can access your notebooks from any computer via the web app. I normally don’t use the web app, but when the desktop app just wouldn’t load, a few weeks ago, (I uninstalled and reinstalled, and tried to track down the error code on Google, but all to no avail) I could at least get access to all my data by hopping into the web app.

    And as far as the cold front, I was happily surprised when I felt the cold air! Every year I tell myself, “I’m going to get the heck out of Texas this year!” And every year, I find myself still here, in this hot, humid climate…

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