Sep 08

Why GOLD is a bad idea for most Preppers.

Prepper Resources Gold Value Graphic

I recently read an article entitled The Five Stages of Economic Collapse which was published by the Energy Bulletin in 2008. The author, Dmitry Orlov, was born in Russia and witnessed first hand the collapse of the Soviet Union. According to Dmitry The Five Stages of Collapse which occurred in the former Soviet Union are …

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Sep 07

Buying ammo as an investment

5.56 Historical Ammo Prices

In December of 2011 I bought a box of Federal XM193 (900 rounds) 5.56 for $305.  Today that same box of ammunition from the same online retailer is selling for $370.  Doing the simple math that is an 18% increase in price in roughly 9 months.  I have a feeling that the price of ammunition …

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Sep 06

Are you prepared to fight…boredom?

A couple years ago I was fortunate enough to take an entire month off from work, time I spent just laying around the house being lazy, grudgingly completing a few chores for my wife or doing pretty much whatever I felt like doing.  I never set my alarm during that time because I just woke up when …

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Sep 05

Practical Prepping for everyday life

Much time, money and effort is spent by preppers (myself included) planning for “the big one.”  Some massive event which could occur on a local, national or global scale which would require us to go into full survival mode.  The short list of catastrophic events which are usually taken into consideration go something like this: EMP, …

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