Jul 29

Nitro-Pak: Mountain House Review

Note from PJ:  All products in this review were provided from Nitro-Pak.com, visit their website for more information on food storage solutions.  I’d also like to thank frequent reader / contributor J for agreeing to review the products with his family. *************** I have been given the opportunity to review several Mountain House freeze dried …

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Jul 28

Assessing Your Off-Grid Power Needs

Realistically, most of us are not ready to take the plunge of going off grid where power is concerned. We don’t know how to live without it, we use too much of it, and we don’t have any idea what is actually using how much electricity. If you are considering going off-grid temporarily or permanently …

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Jul 27

Life in the Woods: What Worked and What Didn’t

I recently had the opportunity to live out in the woods (not by choice) for a couple weeks.  I wouldn’t go so far as to call it camping for most of the creature comforts traditionally associated with camping (read: tent / sleep) did not exist.  Being in the south it was extremely hot and humid …

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Jul 26

Always Be Ready: SHTF Could Be A Localized Event

As I sit here and type I’m reflecting on last night’s festivities, which culminated in me sleeping in a half lit parking lot (in my sleeping bag next to my vehicle) somewhere in WV.  I bedded down next to a run down motel and Adult video store, hoping that some stranger didn’t attempt to stab …

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Jul 13

Thoughts on “Taking People’s Stuff”

Stealing.  It’s bad right?  Of course it is and under normal circumstances the line is very black and white, it’s pretty easy to distinguish right from wrong and adhere to the rules.  But what if an extended SHTF has plunged society into a state of utter chaos / WROL, where simply being able to survive …

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Jul 04

Dangerous Assumption: Mental Toughness / Adrenaline Will Be Enough

You’ve read about it, probably heard it countless times and no doubt experienced it yourself at some point: Mind over matter…as in if you don’t mind it won’t matter.  Suck it up, grind it out, push through the pain and you’ll make it to whatever the objective might be.  However I would argue that mental …

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Jun 25

Surviving any Situation – Alcohol tips and uses

By Luke. When it comes to self-reliance and being able to adapt and change to any given situation, utilizing a single item for multiple purposes will separate you from the other denizens of society. You’ll need to be able to secure your home, family, and valuable resources. One of the most valuable items when it …

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Jun 19

Our Dependency on Modern Conveniences Exposed…AGAIN

Last summer I wrote about our own little personal experience with SHTF, that being the AC unit going out during a string of 90+ degree days.  Talk about misery, sure it was uncomfortable but the familiy had it worse and the home (not built for air flow) started to stink and feel incredibly musty.  Well …

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Jun 17

Why You Should Own A German Shepherd

Maybe this is an irrelevant dog lover post, but for those interested in the safety and security that a dog can provide both PRE and POST SHTF, I encourage you to do your research and pick up a German Shepherd (GSD).  Granted, other dogs out there will serve similar purposes but from someone who has …

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Jun 16

Beware the Military Mindset

Lots of military inspired prepper blogs out there, this is one to be sure.  While some are great others can lean too far towards the military mindset, trying to link up all training with the art of survival / prepping.  While military experience is a serious feather in the cap the perfect prepper it does …

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Jun 15

Why Are You Prepping?

To be sure we live in very uncertain times, it feels as if the house of cards could come tumbling down at any moment given the right sequence of events.  Yet to be realistic, especially when considering the last few years, I’d say SHTF isn’t exactly around the next bend.  Possible…yes.  Likely…not quite yet.  That …

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Jun 11

I have a new Email address

To those who might care…my email address has changed.   Imagine getting 50 to 100 SPAM emails per day and having to delete/sort through them besides the regular email.  My server email just couldn’t cut it.  If you would like to send me an email please do so to… p j p r e p …

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Jun 10

Some Police “need” MRAPs to protect against Vets returning from combat?

I had to post about this after reading it as I know we have plenty of vets on here.  If you’ll note I made sure to put SOME in the title, I’m sure not all departments feel this way… “Pentagon data suggest how the police are arming themselves for such worst-case scenarios. Since 2006, the …

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Jun 09

Glock Malfunctions

I set out yesterday to put in a few hours at my local range, only to be disappointed when my trusted Glock 19 immediately started having malfunctions.  I’d squeeze the trigger and the gun wouldn’t cycle properly, it’s almost as if there were light loads involved which would lead to the next round not getting …

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Jun 07

I’m Not As Good As I Once Was…

When I was 20 years old I could play 3 games of flag football in the evening, wake up early the next day and go to physical fitness training, hit the gym that day at lunch to squeeze in a lift and follow up with 2 to 3 hours of basketball in the evening.  My …

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