Jun 03

Rest in Peace Girl, Thank You So Much.

One month ago I wrote this post as our oldest dog and long time member of the family was nearing the end of her time with us.  Being the feisty dog that she is, she held on for much longer than I thought she would…passing away just a couple hours ago in our bed next …

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May 31

Gasoline Shelf Life and Lesson’s Learned

My hands still smell like gasoline even though I’ve washed them twice, I suppose it’s always been that way.  I just completed my gasoline rotation routine, having dumped three 5 gallon cans in one vehicle and then taking those cans to the gas station in order to refill them with fresh gas.  I might have …

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May 26

Nightmare: Shots Fired Into Your Vehicle At 70 MPH

Picture this, you are cruising along after a long day at work while jamming out to some tunes when your back and side window explodes, glass shatters into your vehicle and complete chaos erupts.  If it sounds like something out of a war zone (ambush) it’s not, as a matter of fact it just happened …

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May 20

What I Just Learned About My “Backup” Landline

Like many of you I try to have redundancy built into many of my systems / preps.  Take communication for example, my primary unit would be my cell phone with the alternate course of action being the land line.  The thought process behind this being that if cell towers were out due to an outage …

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May 11

Eating Expired Food: Best By August 2013

I called my wife on the way home from work today and as any man should, inquired about dinner prospects.  She mentioned that we had some meat set out but were out of sauce for spaghetti.  Now I should insert a disclaimer here, if you fancy yourself a chef and make your sauce from scratch …

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May 07

ISIS in the USA: A Credible Threat?

Let me start this post off with a disclaimer:  I have no inside G2 on this matter, no ties to Federal or local law enforcement agencies who might be involved in investigations pursuant to ISIS.  Really all I’m doing is taking what I’ve see in open source forums and speculating, so take it for what …

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Apr 30

My Dog Is Dying: A Reality I Can Barely Stomach.

I consider myself a well traveled person.  I’ve been to the other side of the earth, I’ve been exposed to things that would make most people cringe and took it in stride because I was supposed to.  I’ve done things and seen things and been stoic about it, yadda yadda….blah blah blah.  Whatever.  Yet my …

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Apr 30

SHTF, the FLU, Contingencies

I went for a early morning run last week, it was a bit chilly and windy but it wouldn’t have been the first time the weather didn’t cooperate with my plans.  The rest of the day went well although in the evening I felt a bit sore and went to bed early.  The next morning …

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Apr 29

The Cause by Roderick Vincent

I’ve just started reading The Cause by Roderick Vincent and wanted to pass along a little info in case anyone else was interested.  Is it complete non-fiction…?  Obviously not.  Yet for some it might be a nice change of pace which aligns with the prep world.  Heck I read some of the Game of Thrones …

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Apr 22

Glock Compact vs Sub-Compact for Summer Carry

I don’t know about you but I like to be comfortable.  When it’s cold I put on clothes to stay warm and when it’s hot I wear less clothes to stay cool.  I try not to let my decision to carry a gun dictate what I wear, no ridiculous photog vests or unnecessary outer garments …

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Apr 20

Prepper + Vacation = Wise?

Think about what it’s like to feel completely exposed and vulnerable and then try to combine that with the concept of trying to get some must needed rest and relaxation with the family.  You might think that sounds crazy, to me it sounds more like taking a vacation. I should probably define the type of …

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Apr 04

Situational Awareness: I FAILED

Quite often I am humbled by experiences and today was no different.  Instead of getting distraught I like to examine the circumstance and see what I can potentially learn from it.  Here’s the deal, I’d like to think that I keep my eyes open when out in public and my head on a swivel.  Today …

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Mar 30

3 Things I Do When Cleaning My Guns

Full Disclosure, I’m typing this out while Journey is playing in the background: Don’t Stop Believing.  Had to get that out of the way for the old heads in the room but it’s all good.  “Strangers….waiting…” So tonight I had the joy of cleaning all of the guns I shot this past weekend, I emphasize …

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Mar 28

5 Tasks I TRY To Accomplish Daily

Everyone has a routine and I’m no different, yet what sets me apart from the mass populace is that my routine incorporates tasks that most preppers will be able to relate to.  Others who are not in the prep community might look at this list and think I’m a nutcase or pretty extreme but when …

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Mar 26

Sweat Now So You Don’t Bleed Later

By rough estimates I would say that I carry a firearm on my person 90% of the time.  The other 10% are usually instances where carrying is impractical or illegal and as such the pistola remains in a safe place not on my person.  I state that because truly in a life or death situation …

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