Aug 27

I Thought I Had A Tail Today, This Is What I Did…

I drive quite a bit for my job, it doesn’t bother me much as I listen to audio books or jam out to “best of the 80’s” sound tracks on sat radio.  I also like the time alone and the fact that I usually get to pick and choose when and where I want to …

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Aug 24

Does “Gray Man” Apply To Your Vehicle?

All of this talk about blending in, being the gray man and maintaining an unassuming profile while out in public.  I wonder how many of these gray man proponents roll around with NRA stickers, Glock stickers, personalized military or police license plates and other vehicle swag. Look I understand, someone is proud of their service …

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Aug 21

A chat with a *REAL* Prepper

Recently my friend made the 4 hour trek to come hang out with me for the weekend.  We expended quite a bit a ammunition, talked about preps, 3-5 year plans and tipped back a few adult beverages.  I found ironic that when the topic of current events came up, he was rather clueless.  I brought …

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Aug 20

Water Storage Plan = Water Bricks

A plan for water, arguably the most important prep, should be diversified.  A one dimensional water plan (i.e. I’ll just grab water from the stream and boil it if necessary) is just asking for trouble.  After all what if the water is contaminated and you cannot boil it?  What if filtration devices may not be …

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Aug 19

My Insurance Company Knows How Many Guns I Own.

I know what some of you may be worried about so here’s my take on it.  If the Feds want to roll me up and show up at my doorstep with an inventory taken from my insurance company’s database, I suppose the world will be facing much larger issues at that point.  As a matter …

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Aug 18

Prepper Anthem: Standard American (Video)

I don’t know about you, but this one hits the nail pretty close on the head. For any who might be offended, the “b word” is used quite a bit.  Eh… Enjoy! The song is from Gunnar & the Grizzly Boys.  

Aug 14

24 Things Preppers Are Tired of Hearing

By Emily. When you first hear the word ‘prepper’ or ‘prepping’, the first thing that comes to mind is crazy, hoarder, nutjob, or those paranoid people who have a LOT of supplies of just about everything. What is a prepper? When you google prepper, a box appears defining a person who believes that an emergency …

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Aug 13

Vid: A tribute to Robin Williams

Say what you want about his personal life, maybe you don’t give a rat’s a$$ about him…maybe you have heard he was a godless person and for that you could care less.  All I know is this, he spent lots of time bringing smiles to that faces of countless men and women in uniform and …

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Aug 09

Took the Missus to the Woods, This is What Happened

Ah yes, the fantasy is alive and strong.  SHTF occurs and we all grab our packs and head for the hills, this assuming our plan to hunker down is absolutely compromised and no other option is left. We’ll live like pioneers and carve out a life for ourselves while dodging the golden horde and various …

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Aug 06

10 Simple Ideas to Get Started Prepping for Disasters

By Carlee You may think it can never happen to you. But all it takes is a quick look at the news to realize chances are good that at some point in the near future you will find yourself in some sort of emergency situation. It may be as localized as a house fire or …

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Aug 03

The Importance Of STOCKPILING Water

Water is arguably the most important prep that any of us can stockpile.  Not only should we have various ways to filter water and locations identified from which to collect water, we should have quite a few gallons of potable water on hand in long term (5 year) storage containers.  That half used package of …

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Aug 01

Mannerisms: Some Things I Do

Mannerisms…might not be the scientific term, some refer to it as non verbal cues and others put it more plainly: how you carry yourself.  Whatever you call it, how you interact with those in the general populace can have a direct impact on your success or failure in negotiations.  After all almost EVERYTHING is a …

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Jul 30

Keeping a Low Profile – Cutting dependencies and going anonymous in the age of information

By Gale. As a determined and committed prepper, part of the battle is keeping off the grid and out of the eye of the government. Granted with the way the world works these days this can be extremely difficult, but still doable to a certain extent. For example, utilizing smart phones (according to whistleblower Edward …

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Jul 29

Nitro-Pak: Mountain House Review

Note from PJ:  All products in this review were provided from, visit their website for more information on food storage solutions.  I’d also like to thank frequent reader / contributor J for agreeing to review the products with his family. *************** I have been given the opportunity to review several Mountain House freeze dried …

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Jul 28

Assessing Your Off-Grid Power Needs

Realistically, most of us are not ready to take the plunge of going off grid where power is concerned. We don’t know how to live without it, we use too much of it, and we don’t have any idea what is actually using how much electricity. If you are considering going off-grid temporarily or permanently …

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