Mar 20

Bugout Log, Entry #6: And So It Begins (Day 1-3)

Day 1, Leg 1: Covered a little more than 12 miles. Trip still has the feel of a weekend hiking trip and the entire way I had to keep telling myself “3 weeks”. I avoided State Highways (crossing only one) and tried to stick to dirt roads for my road time. Approximately 5 miles of …

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Mar 18

The “Muscle Memory” Shooting Fallacy

Over the last few years I’ve run into guys who advocate muscle memory shooting (or point shooting), and as soon as they do I try to keep from rolling my eyes.  What they claim to be able to do is draw and fire their pistol accurately without using the sights.  Some have told me they …

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Mar 17

Bugout Log, Entry #5: ‘Twas the Night Before…

I am looking forward to heading out tomorrow. In many ways, this trip has the feel of an abbreviated deployment. Bags packed next to the door, checklists checked and rechecked, last minute additions or deletions from the contents, shifting some items around, checking the feel on my back, etc. Sitting down and going over the maps again, covering the …

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Mar 16

PowerPot V Review: Boil Water = Charge Electronics

I’ve been there and I know you have too.  Out in the woods and you look down at your cell phone, an alert staring you in the face that you have minimal battery life.  No outlets for miles, no generators to slave off of and your vehicle is at the trail-head half a day’s walk …

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Mar 16

Prepper Updates: Wife is on board


I need to clarify the title in this post in that my wife has always been on board with this whole prepping lifestyle.  She initiated our garden last year and easily put in 80% of the work to make sure it yielded crops.  She never questioned my prep purchases and has always supported our transition …

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Mar 13

Bugout Log, Entry #4: And the Kitchen Sink

There are plenty of opinions out there concerning Bugout bags and their contents. You can easily do a search and find hundreds of lists and even a few books on the subject. The one thing about all the opinions and lists is there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution to selecting the right …

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Mar 11

4 Reasons to Include Gold and Silver in Your Preps

Survival prepping means being prepared for anything. This includes everything from the essentials, like food and water, to protecting your wealth. Financial preparedness is an important aspect of any SHTF plan, and diversifying your portfolio with gold and silver is a good place to start. If you are unfamiliar with or on the fence about investing in precious metals, here …

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Mar 10

3 Critical Steps to Maintaining Your Generator

By Clayton. When it comes to survival, it’s no secret that energy is the name of the game. In the most basic sense, you need calories (a unit of energy) in order to live; in a more complicated situation, you may need wattage to power your home’s most valued utilities. Some hardline survivalists may overlook …

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Mar 09

Prep Updates: Bring On SPRING!

I hope everyone is doing well and remembered to “spring forward” 1 hour with your clocks.  I woke up this morning wondering why I slept in so late and then remembered about the time change, I guess the my phone updates automatically.  I believe that it is supposed to get into the 60′s this week, …

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Mar 08

Women Doubting Men, As Usual

Today my wife, dog and I decided to hit the trails for some time in the sun.  The temps were around 50 degrees so it felt like a heatwave, why not get out and enjoy nature instead of heading to the mall or some other ridiculous venue.  This nature preserve is a nice one although …

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Mar 07

Could You LIE If You Had To?

Lying is bad, we’ve been taught this since we were youngsters.  You don’t lie about where the cookies went, about who left the juice out or about where you were after school.  One should always tell the truth because it’s the right thing to do.  Lying as a child will often get one “the belt” …

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Mar 04

The Spool Tool Review

By Muleskinner If you are like me you love your 550 paracord; and what is not to love when there are literally dozens of uses for this nearly indispensable item. If you are also like me you’ll find that getting your 550 out to use can be very frustrating if not a maddening affair. The …

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Mar 02

Bugout Log, Entry #3: Route Recon and Real World Emergency Planning

I am a firm believer in gathering as much information as possible before I start any task.  I am probably one of the few men on the planet that actually reads the directions BEFORE attempting to assemble anything and I tend to study them to the point that I do not have to reference them …

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Feb 28

Grey Man: There are NO Absolutes

There are quite a few posts on other blogs, forums and even books written about how to blend in and be the “grey man.”  How to be like one of the flock without frightening or tipping of the rest of the herd, this to protect your own OPSEC or maybe there are other reasons.  It …

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Feb 27

We Now Have A FORUM!

Check it out, I’ve decided to install a simple forum on this blog so that we can interact more as a “community” going forward.  Of course there will still be regular articles posted and updated online but this gives everyone an outlet to voice questions/opinions/concerns without having to specifically comment on an article. You can …

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