May 30

Vid: Water Purification and Filtration

Pretty good video from our friend Tom over at  

May 29

Some Preps You Might Have Overlooked

You’ve got the guns, the ammo, the first aid equipment, the food, gardening supplies, library of how to books, various tools and a lifted 4×4 with steel bumpers.  All great things to have but what about some of the often overlooked preps that could be a serious problem if you don’t have them (or something …

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May 24

What Happens When You Don’t Stay Informed?

There have been times in my life when I was a news junkie, practically scanning the internet/television/radio daily for hours to spot signs of impending SHTF.  What’s the stock market doing?  Where has the gubmint oppressed the citizens and is martial law around the corner?  Cyberattack probability escalating?  Someone worth listening to says collapse will …

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May 19

OPSEC: Where to Draw the Line

Generally I’m pretty evasive about my prepping passion, I don’t bring it up and if the topic is broached by others I usually remain low key (or ridiculously over the top).  In those instances it is usually pretty easy to know where the OPSEC line is and how not to cross it.  You avoid the …

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May 16

What if There is NO Plan B?

Realistically we always want to have a plan B for most circumstances we face, it’s been that way since we were a babies and mom carried around an extra pacifier in case we chucked one into a toilet somewhere by accident.  In the prepper community you’ll often read about backup plans, or “two is one …

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May 14

Vid: Lifestraw in Action

Got your Lifestraw yet?  I have quite a few of these beauties and at around $20 each over at they really are a bargain.  I have purchased a Lifestraw for all of our BOBs, and separately in one of my chest rig’s grenade pouches.  The thought is that if for some reason I have to …

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May 11

Complacency: Mother’s Day Faux Pas

This post has nothing to do with prepping, well maybe a little bit if you factor insight and perception into the grand scheme of things there is a lesson to be learned.  If you’ve been following my blog for the almost 2 years it has been online I’m sure you have gotten to know me, …

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May 09

What Happens When You CAN’T Get Home?

TEOTWAWKI, SHTF, whatever you want to call it happens.  You are 50, 150, 1500 miles away from your home and family and immediately recognize what is going on and have the best intentions of returning to your loved ones.  Countless articles have been written on how to make this happen, what gear to have and …

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May 06

4 High-Tech Gadgets Every Survivalist Needs For The Apocalypse

It was widely believed that the world would come to an end on December 21, 2012 because it was the end-date on the Mayan calendar. Comet Elenin and Comet ISON were also supposed to be ELE’s (Extinction Level Event) in 2012 and 2014, respectively, but both ended up harmlessly passing Earth causing little more than …

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May 03

Teenager + Flat Tire = Life Lessons


Last weekend I was in the back yard pushing the mower and my daughter stepped out onto the patio to wave, she had spent the night with some girlfriends and was just getting home.  I signalled to her that I’d be done in a couple minutes and she waited, looking sort of nervous in a …

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May 01

Thoughts On Getting Back Into Shape

Inspired by some discussion over in our forum I decided to lay out some thoughts for those of you who might have gotten a little too busy to dedicate time to fitness.  I get it, life happens and if fitness isn’t a priority is ends up getting pushed aside so that other “things” can get …

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Apr 29

Itty Bitty Garden Updates

This past weekend my wife and I set out to work on our garden, this will be our second year growing our own food.  Last year we had one 3×3 box and it did quite well, we watched and learned as the growing season went by.  This year we decided to take things up a …

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Apr 26

Dealing with Back Pain after T-SHTF

Last Friday I was in my office just going over some stuff on my computer, I stood up to go get some coffee and my lower back felt a little strange.  That strange feeling turned into discomfort and then pain within an hour.  Later in the afternoon the straw broke the camel’s back occurred, I …

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Apr 24

Stand and Fight or Live to Fight Another Day?

Soldiers are given tactical tasks and directed to carry them out, often realizing that casualties will be a result of whatever that task might be.  KIA’s and WIA’s are unfortunate but the price of admission when describing warfare.  In order to seize or hold the objective the truth is that some live, some get wounded …

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Apr 20

Open Carry: Act Like You’ve Been There

I remember being stationed in Germany, a wide eyed 19 year old who lived in a new country with endless possibilities.  Coming out of high school I was never much of a “party animal” and had mainly stuck to sports, JROTC and work.  Yet there I was in a land where 18 year olds could …

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