Dec 30

OPSEC: How to prevent your iPhone from being spied on

Raise your hand if you wouldn’t want mind giving a complete stranger unlimited access to your iPhone.  Many of us have more sensitive data stored on our phones than we do our computers at home.  Combine that with the fact that iPhones are much easier to access than devices locked up at home, and there is your recipe for disaster.  All it takes is a couple minutes with your phone and someone with malicious intent could track your every move and monitor your every call/email/text.  It really isn’t as hard as you think, check out the video below.

The video is scary and it should be.  However by taking some common sense steps you can greatly reduce your chances of having your personal information compromised,

-Always require the use of a password in order to gain access to your iPhone.

-Always LOCK your phone before setting it down, or before putting it in your purse/pocket.  Make it a habit.

-Never leave your phone unattended, never let anyone borrow your phone.  Don’t be afraid to say no.

-Become familiar with Geotagging, and how to avoid the potential risks associated with it.

-Consider downloading an iPhone privacy app.

-Unless you are using the GPS or maps feature, disable your location services.

Technology can be a great thing, I utilize my iphone all the time to do things I could only dream of 10 years ago.  It really is a small handheld computer, and realizing that I make sure to take extra precautions to protect the information that is stored on the device.  Treat your iPhone as if it were a wallet which contained all of your contact info, your credit cards, ID cards and $500 in cash.  You wouldn’t just set that down anywhere now would you?


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