Sep 11

Never Forget. September 11, 2001.

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  1. Bruce

    Sadly, people do forget and more accurately don’t really care. 8 years later they vote for a president that has questionable ties to Islam and soon after that they are building a mosque near ground zero. It seems all that came out of this is that Islam and Muslims are more protected, more tolerated. They clearly won that one.

    1. PJ

      Most people don’t care, other than the lip service they feign occasionally. We are a nation of Me ME MEEEE and instant gratification. Anything else is on the peripheral and doesn’t matter much at all.

  2. Liz Rivers

    I if had the money every year beginning on September first I would put billboards up across our nation, thousands of them, with iconic photos and the words “Remember This?”.

    Our lives are reduced to sound bites and quick hits online. The nation as a whole has forgotten the implications of 9/11 and refuse to face the horrible truth of Islam.

    “Islamaphobia”? Damn right I am afraid of Islam after reading 100 plus books on the subject.

    Complacency will lead to our destruction.

    1. PJ


      Most people are too busy updating social media status’ and consumed with the routine of everyday life (see below) to remember much of anything.

      -Commute to work
      -Say the same greetings to the same people
      -Ask someone how they are doing but hope they don’t reply with anything other than the standard “good”
      -Sit at desk
      -Pretend to work while surfing internet and mobile device
      -Watch phone ring on desk but do not answer it
      -Go to lunch and promise to start a diet plan NEXT week
      -Come back to work and stare at clock
      -Go to meeting and laugh at unfunny jokes to be polite
      -Commute home and promise to start looking for a better job tomorrow
      -Sit on couch, watch mind numbing reality television

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