Apr 02

Leave Sandals Where They Belong, At the Beach.

It’s starting to warm up around here and wouldn’t you know it, the sandal freaks are out in full force.  Jeans with sandals, shorts with sandals, cargo pants with sandals and all in the name of comfort or fashion.  As I stated in my title unless one is at the beach or the pool the sandal does not belong on one’s foot, at least for the prepared individual.  When I think of an absolutely worthless pair of footwear sandals immediately come to mind whether it be soccer style, flip flops or even Birkenstock-ish styles.

Let’s examine why sandals are an awful choice for the prepper:

1- You can’t run in them (well).  Maybe you think you can, but navigating obstacles and various terrain in flip flops will be much more difficult versus a real shoe or hiking boot.

2- Protection?  Laughable.

3- Stability: Nosomuch.  Again this reverts back to the need to move if something strange goes down.  Lateral movement and light feet over terrain are greatly impeded in a pair of sandals.  One could make the case for hiking sandals with all the straps on them but those still offer very little protection.

4- If you conceal carry on a daily basis why in the world would you leave your home wearing flip flops?  Would you go to the range and shoot in flip flops?  Would you run an obstacle course in flip flops?  Would you want to have to chase someone or get into a fight in flip flops?

The Bottom Line

Each piece of kit we wear, each piece of clothing we don, each choice we make must be done so with careful consideration.  You don’t have to leave the house every day dressed for a trip to the range but when considering footwear leave the sandals and go for something more practical (unless you are Cody Lundin).



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  1. Robert M

    Even Cody Lundin needs to rethink his choices. If you offered the aboriginal people a choice between feet and a well constructed boot, the result would be obvious.

    The bare feet did get him on TV though?

    1. PJ

      My thoughts too, especially towards those who advocate barefoot running. Good luck with all that…

  2. Brandon

    Wow, we think alike, PJ!

    Don’t get me started on sandals… I lived in a country in Asia for a long time, and I absolutely can’t stand flip-flops… Argh…

    And, in addition to all the excellent points you made, I don’t want to see people’s disgusting feet!

    As I say, “sock it, and shoe it!”

    1. PJ

      Hammer toes! :)

  3. Black River Outpost

    Here here!

  4. Recon44

    I dvr re-runs of Dual Survival and watch them after my kids are in bed. Just saw Season 3, episode 3 (Chihuahuan Desert) two nights ago. What do you think Cody did when he ran across a long dead cow carcass with viable hide still on it??? Yes sir, he made sandals consisting of leather soles and twine bindings up top. And that was while on his “home turf” of desert.

    On a personal note, I have lost 3 toe nails, all before the age of 24 and because I was wearing sandals in situations I never should have been (construction site x 2, moving a friend). For some reason, it took that third time for me to realize I was being an idiot. Getting into my late 30’s now, it is amazing how many truly stupid things I did when I was young. Losing a few toe nails was the least of my worries looking back on it all. But I digress.

    So yeah, shoes, shoes, shoes. Or my personal preference, boots, boots, boots…I prefer that extra level of protection go a full 8″ up my legs.

  5. Brandon

    Speaking of Cody Lundin, did you guys hear he was fired from the show not too long ago?

    1. Recon44

      Yeah, I read it had to do with safety issues. I’d love to know how far the director was going to take something because in one of the earlier episodes, Canterbury cut open his own arm with a knife to show how you can cauterize a wound with gun powder. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for making reality tv “realistic” but that was a bit much. Teti does like to push Cody’s boundaries of risk/reward when gathering food but I don’t think he has ever been out of line…but then again, I have not seen all the episodes either.

      1. Brandon

        I’ve seen all the episodes, and don’t think Teti has done too much that’s out of line. I don’t think he always makes the best decisions, though. I think he’s a little too tied to military thinking, and not survival thinking.

        While I don’t care for the barefoot thing at all, I think most of Cody’s decisions seem to be pretty sound.

        I agree, Canterbury cutting his own arm was a bit much. It’s too bad he lied about his military record, because I liked him.

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