Sep 06

Hurricane Irma: This is why we PREPARE.

I’m preaching to the choir but it had to be stated.  If you take a look at what is going on right now in Florida it is a classic case of why preparedness should be a critical part of one’s life.  Folks are lined up around the block for bottled water that they will never get a chance to buy because the shelves are already empty, the next opportinuty to collect supplies probably coming when the National Guard sets up a distro point.

Long lines form at Costco in Florida as residents brace for Hurricane Irma. Image @ KITV Channel 4

Think about these components of preparedness and how they could apply in this situation.

Bugging In:  Having the necessisary supplies (food, water, even gasoline) on hand to stay in place for weeks even without power and without having to rely on outside sources.  Even if the water supply became unusuable for a period of time it would not be a major factor.

Bugging Out:  Having all of the necessary supplies to quickly displace, be self sufficient while on the move knowing that critical items were along for the ride.  Ability to move without having to stop to refuel until out of the danger area, secondary location already identified and ready / willing to accept visitors.

Security:  Understanding that in long term power down scenarios there will be no shortage of folks looking to take advantage of thin law enforcement coverage.  Having a security plan in place in order to address this.

First Aid: Folks could get hurt, not only having the equipment on hand (not just a first aid kit, but things like IFAKs, IV kits etc) but the training in order to employ these properly.

Communication:  Cell phone coverage most likely will go down, having a secondary and tertiary plan (HAM radio).

I could go on and on but the main point is this:  taking initiative and remaining proactive while times are good so that when the tough times come, the only difference is this is now a time for execution and not rehearsals.  I’ve stated this many times, if one is primarily prepping for EMP strikes and WW3 / Martial Law, priorities are misplaced!  The greatest threat all of us face come in the form of localized or even wide spread natural disasters.  Hurricanes, flooding, tornados, wildfires, earthquakes etc.  It’s too late for the folks who are just now lining up hoping to catch a case of bottled water at the grocery store but hopefully many will learn from this experience….sadly most will not.


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    • J on September 6, 2017 at 12:23 PM
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    Thumbs up on this article, PJ. You might be preaching to the choir but we are responding with a hearty “Amen!”. I have been spending time the last few weeks inventorying and making sure I have what I need and that everything is up to date and where it needs to be in event we need it.

    Am hoping Irma misses Florida, as I am sure we all are. Am not sure of FEMA’s ability to manage this and Texas at the same time.

    This reinforces your point, be able to help ourselves and not have to wait for others to do it for us.

    • J on September 6, 2017 at 12:24 PM
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    i live in tampa in a retirement apartment and am preparing to leave when told to do so. i have cats so i cant go to a shelter. my 2 neighbors and i have a total of 8 cats between us and none have a car. i have reserved a uhaul van and plan to pack up the girls and all the kitties and take off. we have motel reservations too. i told me friends to think of it as an adventure we can laugh about in a few months.

    my best to all out there.

    just another day along the gulf coast. ha

      • PJ on September 6, 2017 at 12:59 PM
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      Please keep us updated, stay safe!

      • Linda S on September 6, 2017 at 5:59 PM
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      You are a breath of fresh air! You have obviously put a lot of thought & action into your future & that of your friends. I’m an old gal but I don’t sit around & wait for things to happen. Good for you.

      • J on September 7, 2017 at 7:24 AM
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      Wishing you the best, hope things go as well as possible for you in this.

    • Roger on September 8, 2017 at 6:20 PM
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    I wouldn’t call hurricanes or flooding or even wildfire (quite likely in my area) the greatest threat, most of these can be at least somewhat prepped for! A massive asteroid striking the Earth would probably wipe out most if not all life on this planet, but the more localized threat ARE a lot more likely to occur in our lifetimes! Most threats to life and limb require the same basic needs: breathable air, drinkable water, edible food, protecting shelter, etc.
    The choir has spoken! GLAHP!

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