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Oct 06

Security System Risks During Power Outage

By Clayton You’ve done everything right when it comes to protecting your home from unwelcome guests. You had a reliable home security system installed, you put the security system yard sign out front, and you always make sure the system is engaged before leaving the house. Nonetheless, there may be some factors you haven’t considered …

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Sep 02

Thwart Burglars That Attempt to Defeat Your Home Security Alarm

By Linda Houston homeowner Bruce Watkins thought his home was safe and secure. That is, until burglars broke in not just once or twice, but three times in three months. Each time, there was not a peep from the alarm system, writes Jeremy Rogalski for KHOU Houston news. Almost 30 out of every 1,000 households …

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Jun 26

Exterior Home Maintenance Post SHTF

By The Maj Have you ever visited a home improvement store just before or right after a hurricane or other similar event?  In many cases, you will find they will be packed out like the grocery stores and the only thing left on the shelves will be the wall paper and other home beautification items.  …

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