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Jul 31

You THINK You’ve Stored Enough Water: WRONG!

I’ll be straight up with this one: I forgot to pay the water bill.  As sure as I’m sitting here at my desk I can see the notice sitting next to me, the one that says something about paying by a certain date or a disconnect will happen.  What can I say, we were out …

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Nov 22

Rainwater Harvesting Basics

Rainwater Harvesting Basics and Deviations for Various Situations and Needs By Ava. Many may take the water that flows into our taps for granted, but that mindset might go any time soon. Why? Right now, humanity is facing a global water crisis. The water that many of us are using right now is dwindling at …

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Aug 20

Water Storage Plan = Water Bricks

A plan for water, arguably the most important prep, should be diversified.  A one dimensional water plan (i.e. I’ll just grab water from the stream and boil it if necessary) is just asking for trouble.  After all what if the water is contaminated and you cannot boil it?  What if filtration devices may not be …

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Aug 03

The Importance Of STOCKPILING Water

Water is arguably the most important prep that any of us can stockpile.  Not only should we have various ways to filter water and locations identified from which to collect water, we should have quite a few gallons of potable water on hand in long term (5 year) storage containers.  That half used package of …

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May 30

Vid: Water Purification and Filtration

Pretty good video from our friend Tom over at   Print PDF

Jan 02

Water Storage Infographic

Some good information passed along to me via email.  Much of what is contained in this infographic has been covered on this blog in various articles but it’s good to see it all in once place.  Remember….water water water.  Water is LIFE!  Click to enlarge. Print PDF

Nov 22

The “One Thing”

By The Maj. I am a sucker for just about all of the TEOTWAWKI movies and shows when time allows.  I enjoy watching both fiction and non-fiction shows for entertainment, gathering new ideas, and/or several “what not to do’s”.  I understand that movies never give an accurate portrayal of many things and most “movie things” …

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Nov 03

Lifestraw Family Test and Evaluation

The good folks over at were generous enough to send me one of their Lifestraw Family water filtration devices so that I could write a review about it.  Here’s the deal, there is no test which I can conduct which will overshadow the fact that the Lifestraw Family absolutely works and is being utilized …

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Oct 17

LifeStraw: A Must Have Item

I know what you are thinking, wow PJ gets lots of free stuff to review from his sponsors.  Nothing could be further from the truth and I wanted to make this point right up front because I believe it is important.  Although I did receive a small discount , I recently purchased three Lifestraws from …

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Sep 27

Drill Your Own Well

A recent comment on another post had me pondering the feasibility of a DIY Water Well.  I found a pretty decent video on the topic and wanted to share.  If I didn’t live in Suburbia I would definitely be giving this a go.  Besides the videos, lots of information on drilling your own well over …

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Apr 25

Thoughts on basement water storage

When I started prepping I was the guy with 1 month of storage of food on shelves in the basement and what amounted to 2 days worth of water for my family to go along side of it.  Pitiful and scary at the same time, after all one can go much longer without food than …

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Feb 19

Water Storage Calculations

The rule of three: 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, 3 hours without sheltersand 3 minutes without air.  If someone manages to meet any one of those criteria unfortunately that means they will probably be passing into the next life to meet their maker.  In most SHTF situations air will still be abundant …

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Nov 23

Rainwater Harvesting FAQs, Tips and Resources

I’m currently working on my tertiary plan for obtaining potable water if T-SHTF.  My first option is to rely on the municipal water supply, I figure unless things get ridiculously bad it should still remain at least partially functional.  My second option will be to purify (filter, boil) water that I can source from a …

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Oct 16

Water Purification

Katadyn Vario Water Filter

I found this great article over on, it provides a nice overview of some of the techniques used to purify water and some of the dangers that might lurk even in the most crystal clear mountain stream.  As preppers the topic of Bugging Out is often discussed, heading to the hills to get away …

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