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Feb 09

Travel Preparedness: Airports and TTP’s

Traveling is something that millions of people do every day and while not as frequent I too suck it up and play the airport / airline game.  Herded like cattle through various checkpoints, lines of people hustling to one location or another.  Stand here, sit there, and don’t move unless you are told to do …

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Jul 29

Dual Sport: Perfect SHTF Motorcycle

When the weather is decent (read: above 50 and not too much rain in the forecast) I’ll often ride a motorcycle to work.  My bike of choice for such festivities is a KLR 650 outfitted with various performance / protection upgrades  and options for storage in the form of tank, rear rack and side luggage. …

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Apr 12

Vehicle considerations after T-SHTF

When a major SHTF event happens, e.g. Cyberattack / EMP Strike / Economic Collapse, the likelihood of finding a sources of fuel for your vehicle(s) could be slim to none.  Maybe you are the fortunate one who has quite a bit of fuel stored on site at your location or have found a way to keep the …

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Feb 04

5 reasons why motorcycles will be the vehicle of choice when T-SHTF

If you already have a motorcycle you have probably already considered the value of having two wheeled transportation if T-SHTF.  Motorcycles have many advantages over cars and those will be amplified many times over when times get tough and the rules go out the window.  If you do not have a motorcycle or license the …

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Oct 04

The value of a bicycle after SHTF


The average person can walk about 3 to 4 miles per hour, or 20 to 15 minutes per mile.  Let’s give the average person the benefit of the doubt and say they are in rather decent shape, so 15 minute miles will be our standard (walking).  According to the Commuter Analysis Report the average one …

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