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Mar 13

So You Want To Live Off The Grid?

Check out this documentary I stumbled across (actually my wife showed it to me).  Pretty good stuff, definitely an eye opener.  If you can’t dedicate 3 days a week to chopping wood….this life isn’t for you.  Although I am strangely intrigued.  The 80+ year old guy living by himself is just ridiculous, talk about a …

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Jun 27

Friction Fire (Bow Drill) Considerations

You’ve all seen it on television, survival shows where the host fashions a bow/drill/fire board and within a few minutes has a nice raging fire to sleep next to.  If it were only that easy.  If you take one thing away from this article it should be this:  There is a reason you should have …

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Jun 03

Foraging for Edible Plants

By The Maj In the long term survival situation, our meals are going to transform drastically from what we are accustomed to today.  Typical breakfast today is eggs, meat, and bread or a simple milk and cereal, while a traditional lunch or dinner will range from a hearty salad and sandwich combo to steak, potatoes, …

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May 08

Navigating without a Compass

By The Maj In a discussion the other day concerning the GPS, I opened my big mouth and mentioned “the proper way to do that would be…”.  An additional comment got me to thinking about how reliant we have become on modern technology and the pretty much lost or dying art of navigating using celestial …

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May 03

Survival Fishing

By The Maj Odds are you have already considered fishing as a means of providing food post SHTF.  I would bet that many of you reading this have some type of fishing equipment incorporated into your bugout bag or long term prepping stock piles.  Unless you plan to bugout or bugin in some of the …

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Apr 15

Primitive Weapons for Survival

By The Maj Most prepping discussions eventually turn to firearms and then to ammunition.  Both are definitely valid topics of discussion and selecting the right firearm, stockpiling the right amount of ammunition, and becoming proficient in its use can make the difference in any survival situation.  However, one topic I rarely hear discussed is “what …

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Jan 14

5 Wild Edibles which are probably in your back yard.

You probably have a food storage plan ready to go with a variety of food stocks, redundancy and shelf life all taken into consideration.  No doubt there is a high probability that you have an assortment of canned goods, MREs, freeze dried and dehydrated foods all sitting nicely on shelves somewhere in your basement.  All …

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Dec 04

How to make fire without matches

From Carry a small amount of steel wool and a good smoke alarm (nine volt) battery and also some toilet tissue, in case you need a fire. Stick the battery ends into the steel wool. The steel wool will short circuit the battery and turn red hot, thus causing the toilet tissue (or other …

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