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Apr 06

Dispersed Camping Prep: “Glamping” is for noobs.

I’ve spent countless nights out under the stars with little to no shelter, have slept in mud holes with the rain pelting me and woken up with ice on the outside of my sleep system. There have been times where 45 minutes was considered a “good night’s rest” while mosquitoes constantly buzzed around my head …

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Apr 02

Leave Sandals Where They Belong, At the Beach.

It’s starting to warm up around here and wouldn’t you know it, the sandal freaks are out in full force.  Jeans with sandals, shorts with sandals, cargo pants with sandals and all in the name of comfort or fashion.  As I stated in my title unless one is at the beach or the pool the …

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Mar 27

Low Cost, High Yield Preps or Actions

Unfortunately the money tree in my back yard stopped growing one hundred dollar bills and online vendors won’t accept leaves as currency.  This is mind if often becomes necessary to identify low cost preps or projects which one can undertake, or actions which can be carried out to increase overall preparedness levels.  This short list …

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Mar 10

3 Critical Steps to Maintaining Your Generator

By Clayton. When it comes to survival, it’s no secret that energy is the name of the game. In the most basic sense, you need calories (a unit of energy) in order to live; in a more complicated situation, you may need wattage to power your home’s most valued utilities. Some hardline survivalists may overlook …

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Mar 07

Could You LIE If You Had To?

Lying is bad, we’ve been taught this since we were youngsters.  You don’t lie about where the cookies went, about who left the juice out or about where you were after school.  One should always tell the truth because it’s the right thing to do.  Lying as a child will often get one “the belt” …

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Feb 25

6 Must Have Field Items

If you are reading this blog I’m quite sure you probably have a well stocked bugout bag somewhere in your home or even better yet in your daily driver.  BOB checklists are all over the internet so I won’t bore you with another one, and it should be noted that I think each person has …

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Feb 11

Reminder: SHTF Can Happen Any Time

Ask most preppers what SHTF means to them and the answers will generally be the same:  EMP strike, Cyber Attack, Economic Collapse, Pandemic, World War 3.  While those are all events worth noting and preparing for it should not be forgotten that SHTF does not have to happen on a global scale for individuals to …

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Feb 06

Some Things To Think About When Planning Your Bunker

By Preston. From civil unrest and terrorist acts to biological weapons and full-out nuclear war, there could easily come a time when you will need to be totally self-sufficient for weeks, months, maybe even years. A properly designed and stocked bunker will make all the difference on whether you survive and thrive—or perish. The Bunker …

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Jan 15

Know Your Environment

By J. Something I have been thinking about lately, given the bitter cold that the country got blasted with not long ago, is knowing your environment; more specifically, knowing the inherent hazards and benefits of it. This can, in my opinion, make or break you in a situation gone bad. It can also be beneficial to you on a …

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Jan 11

25 Essential Outdoor Survival Tips

By James. There are some essential things you should know about how to survive in the outdoors. While this list isn’t intended to be a complete outdoor survival guide it does highlight the most important considerations to make anytime you head into the wilderness. Essential Outdoor Survival Tips The most important survival tip is survival …

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Dec 30

Letting Your Guard Down (It Could Happen To You Too)

By The Maj. Such is the time of year….  Everyone is busy with the “season”, running here, running there, shopping in large crowds, going to parties, and possibly making a trip out of town or two.  It is and should be a festive time of year, a time to visit with friends and family, and a time to …

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Dec 22

The Value of a GOOD Belt

Before we get into belts there are some things you should know about me.  My wallet is at least 10 years old, a $15 Dockers black leather trifold which probably has another 10 years left in it.  I only get new underwear when my wife buys some for me, the same applies to t shirts.  …

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Dec 09

We All Make Mistakes

I try to live by a checklist.  I have checklists for just about everything, be for my preps or what I plan on doing each day whether at work or running errands.  I value strict attention to detail and try to double check things to the point of being extreme.  My wife says I’m obsessed, …

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Nov 27

Christmas Shopping and Situational Awareness

We would all like to believe that nothing bad could happen while out navigating the crowds and various sales during the Christmas shopping season.  Sure the congestion is an inconvenience but for the most part everyone should be full of Holiday cheer, nothing really to worry about right?  Unfortunately that is not the case as …

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Nov 17

When Practice Becomes Reality

I wrote an article the other day which covered the topic of hoarding knowledge with respect to prepping.  Imagine the dad/husband who might be the keeper of all prepping knowledge in the family, his wife and kids completely dependent on him.  He buys and stocks the preps, he trains with the weapons, he knows how …

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