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Sep 26

10 Questions I Have For YOU.

Here we are moving into the fall of 2014.  Please allow me to ask a few questions after which we can all pause for a moment of self reflection.  Since I don’t like to mess around, here we go… 1- In the event of a water shortage, how much water do you have on hand …

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Mar 13

Prepper Quiz #3, Test your knowledge!

It’s been a while since I have taken the time to put up a quiz, at least since last fall.  Have fun racking your brain coming up with answers for the following questions.  Let me know if you get them all correct! Quiz #3 1.  One Troy ounce = _____ ounces. 2. Name 2 …

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Sep 29

Prepper Quiz #2, test your knowledge!

Yet another quiz I came up with to test your knowledge related to current events and other general prepping topics.  A good brain teaser for your weekend!  Good luck, scroll down to the bottom for the answers. Quiz #2 1- For Fiscal Year 2012, what is the projected total spending by the US Govt? …

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Sep 24

Prepper Quiz! Test your knowledge.

I came up with a short 20 question quiz which should help to kill some time during your busy workday.  I tried to pull questions from every aspect of the Prepper Pyramid, and incorporated a few situation based (read: subjective) questions as well.  These questions were not meant to be slow moving softballs lobbed at …

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