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Mar 26

Sweat Now So You Don’t Bleed Later

By rough estimates I would say that I carry a firearm on my person 90% of the time.  The other 10% are usually instances where carrying is impractical or illegal and as such the pistola remains in a safe place not on my person.  I state that because truly in a life or death situation …

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Jul 04

Dangerous Assumption: Mental Toughness / Adrenaline Will Be Enough

You’ve read about it, probably heard it countless times and no doubt experienced it yourself at some point: Mind over matter…as in if you don’t mind it won’t matter.  Suck it up, grind it out, push through the pain and you’ll make it to whatever the objective might be.  However I would argue that mental …

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Jun 07

I’m Not As Good As I Once Was…

When I was 20 years old I could play 3 games of flag football in the evening, wake up early the next day and go to physical fitness training, hit the gym that day at lunch to squeeze in a lift and follow up with 2 to 3 hours of basketball in the evening.  My …

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May 01

Thoughts On Getting Back Into Shape

Inspired by some discussion over in our forum I decided to lay out some thoughts for those of you who might have gotten a little too busy to dedicate time to fitness.  I get it, life happens and if fitness isn’t a priority is ends up getting pushed aside so that other “things” can get …

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Aug 13

Survival of the Fittest: Get in Shape Before the Apocalypse

By Bob Berkowitz With an imminent apocalypse looming, many are beginning to consider what they should do to prepare themselves. Many are in their backyard, digging space for a fallout shelter, some are stocking up on water, canned food and supplies and still there are others, who have decided to train their bodies to be more …

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Jun 25

Stadium Workouts: Unleash the Beast.

stadium workout

I hate running on a track of just about any sort, it’s simply mind numbing going in circles.  When any amount of distance over a mile is involved I’d rather be on a trail or running on a predetermined course where the scenery (and elevation) changes.  However standard running tracks which can be found at …

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Mar 05

Living Room Workouts


Sometimes you don’t feel like going to the gym, or maybe you don’t even have a gym membership at all. Yet it’s always there, in the back of your mind, the feeling that you need to do something to get your heart rate up on any given day. It might be the guilt from a …

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Feb 12

Prepper Fitness Assessment (PFA)

You have a 2 year supply of food in your bunker and a way to filter thousands of gallons of water from the river which runs by your property. You can shoot the hair off of a gnat’s anus at 1000 yards. You own a lifted 450 HP 4×4 on 33 inch tires which runs …

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Jan 10

Fitness Tip: Running Shoes

Asics Running Shoes 1

When I wrote my most recent fitness related article, 12 tips for getting into shape after the Holidays, I wasn’t really sure how much interest it would generate.  I was surprised to see that the article not only got quite a few views but I also received additional positive feedback via the comment section and personal email. …

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Jan 01

12 Tips for getting into shape after the Holidays

It’s a fact, there are always a surge in gym memberships after the first of the year.  People trying to get back in shape after a year (or 5) of not doing much at all except watching that little gut turn into a full blown belly.   Maybe it’s just been too busy at work, maybe …

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