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Aug 24

Does “Gray Man” Apply To Your Vehicle?

All of this talk about blending in, being the gray man and maintaining an unassuming profile while out in public.  I wonder how many of these gray man proponents roll around with NRA stickers, Glock stickers, personalized military or police license plates and other vehicle swag. Look I understand, someone is proud of their service …

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Apr 09

Vigilance: The RULE vs the Exception

My family and I are living through a serious situation, something which truly brings to bear all of the skills we have and highlights those we need to improve upon.  The short story is this: we have good reason to believe my daughter and possibly wife have a legitimate stalker, someone who has sought them …

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Feb 28

Grey Man: There are NO Absolutes

There are quite a few posts on other blogs, forums and even books written about how to blend in and be the “grey man.”  How to be like one of the flock without frightening or tipping of the rest of the herd, this to protect your own OPSEC or maybe there are other reasons.  It …

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Mar 29

How secure is your home?

Your home is your castle, but how safe is your family and all of your prep supplies? Maybe you have a deadbolt lock on the front door which makes you feel good. Is it bobby pin proof? Ever heard of lock bumping? So easy a kid could do it. Maybe you feel better about your …

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Feb 05

.22 Caliber Mini-Sentry Trip Wire Alarm

**Note from PJ (06/01/13):  I’ve had emails about the video and website for this product being removed, I’m not sure what has happened or if these are even being sold anymore.  I don’t know the contributor personally so I won’t be able to tell anyone where or when they might become available once again. Many …

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Jan 30

Outdoor surveillance with condenser microphones

by Lux Condenser Microphones typically sound better than dynamic microphones. If you are unfamiliar with these two types of microphones you may want to read about them in this Wikipedia article. The short version is this: Dynamic microphones have a coil and a magnet. So they act like little electric generators. They do not require …

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Dec 30

OPSEC: How to prevent your iPhone from being spied on

Raise your hand if you wouldn’t want mind giving a complete stranger unlimited access to your iPhone.  Many of us have more sensitive data stored on our phones than we do our computers at home.  Combine that with the fact that iPhones are much easier to access than devices locked up at home, and there …

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Dec 27

Shred Everything! Your trash, their treasure.

Every year there are approximately 15 million Americans who fall victim  to identity theft with losses totaling over $50 billion.  14 years ago I was one of those victims, someone opened various accounts in my name and racked up thousands of dollars in bills from several addresses based thousands of miles away from where I …

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Nov 16

General Advice & Personal Protection Tips

By Georges Z. Fahmy – Senshido International Criminals want three things from their victims: Valuables, Body, and Life Criminals fear three things: Pain, having attention drawn to the situation, and going to jail Keep in mind that criminals are not confined to shady neighborhoods; they can travel to”safe” areas and act upon opportunities there. Avoid …

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Nov 01

OPSEC Basics: Your life shouldn’t be an open book.

I recently took a regional flight which lasted about 1.5 hours.  I flew on one of those jets where you actually have to fold yourself into the seat and the overhead compartments are large enough to stow a pop tart in.  I would guess a total of 75 people fit on that aircraft, which was …

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Oct 04

The Dangers of Facebook

Social media is a great way to tell everyone all about your life, and maybe people you don’t want knowing as well.  Think your privacy settings mean you are covered?  Think again.  Additionally what is social media even becoming?  People are way too addicted to sharing every part of their lives with all of these …

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